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Inspirations For Your Webinar Landing Page: 25 Examples + 4-Step Tutorials

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In the world of marketing, a webinar can be one of the most powerful tools to connect directly with your audience and expose your expertise in the field to prospective clients and partners. Not only a branding opportunity, a well-crafted online webcast can open windows of marketing-qualified leads, which might translate into sales-qualified contacts especially on the B2B side.

Generating leads for the events on webinar landing pages, therefore, gets especially difficult in light of the booming online conference era. With digital space as a working, socializing and living area for most these days, the primary target should be to win your user attention right at your landing page.


I. What Makes Good Webinar Landing Pages? 

A webinar landing page is a web page that generates webinar registration for a specific topic with the goal to convert webpage visitors. It tells readers what the webinar is all about and explains the benefits they can get from it. Additionally, it aims to create a desire to attend the webinar and urge people to register.

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Here are some valuable elements for the best webinar landing page.

Work on a big bold headline

A good headline is simple, straightforward, and to the point. Effective headlines can easily connect with users as soon as they arrive on the landing page.

Using language that is appropriate and specific to your target audience is a must as it affects the click-worthiness of a headline. The language here can reflect an empowering action or be actionable. Also, it should look big enough to capture attention.

Choose simple but impactful language in the headline. For example, transform headlines with call-to-action words such as “Get X Now” or “Start X Today.”

Create big bold headline

Fine-tune your copies

First, you should make sure that your text is mistake-free in terms of grammar and word choices. Next, pick the vocab that speaks to your audience. Words and phrases like “you,” “your,” and “yours” should be included to help you speak directly to readers.

Every part or block of the text should reflect the values that your webinar can provide to the audience. It could be the agenda of the event, a packed line-up of inspirational speakers and so on. Do avoid a wall of text in the copy, 

Your call-to-action should let your audience understand clearly what they’re expected to do. Try to make this an effective, two-way conversation.

Use creative media

The first thing that draws the audience on a landing page are images, videos and all the things media.

Pick images that show relevance and speak to the audience genuinely. In addition, they should complement the landing page's color scheme and contribute to the overall message. Building trust is essential to convert a visitor into a lead. Therefore, images need to project professionalism and convey that your company is reputable and trustworthy.

Adding a video that supports body copy can also help you gain the audience's trust. This can be a teaser of the event or a benefit summary for event participants.

Include a Click-Worthy Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) is a written directive that encourages users to take the desired action. It may be in the form of a text hyperlink, button, or plain text with no link. Typically, a CTA button should stand out on the page.

For starters, make sure you include the CTA with the desired action that focuses on value and add colorful buttons to make it stand out from the page.

II. Top 25 Webinar Landing Page Examples

Inspirations for your pages can basically come from anywhere. For me, I start with brands whose products I’m privileged to use or hear of on a regular basis.I figure that those reputable brands are not only good at their expertise but also very much willing to add value to their customers at every touch point, starting with a webinar page.

Super pumped to share my observations below! I’ll walk you through my thought process while browsing the page from top to bottom and hopefully uncover some good learnings.

01. Slack

The header banner sticks to the minimalist look, with a big bold headline and a creative image that represents the topic.

Slack Webinar Landing Page

The main body looks quite straightforward, a webinar registration form on the left and the main body text on the right. I imagine that the event organizers would expect their visitors to possibly fill out the form anytime while browsing the content. Plus, the wording of the form and the body text speaks directly to professionals, which are the target users of Slack.

The social media buttons on the top right are quite interesting too. Only a click on the button can lead to a post on social media, making it easier for visitors to spread the word. 


Slack on Facebook

A share post on Facebook

Slack on LinkedIn

A share post on LinkedIn

The content covered in the webinar is contained in an information box, followed by a list of high-profile speakers. It would be more strategic if they link the social media of the speakers here to create more connections with the audience and potential partners.

A quick vote poll below quickly helps rate audience response and shows that the organizers are willing to hear from their participants. Related resources including educational materials are attached at the footer might make visitors want to stick around longer.

02. Google

The header is impressive with an information box and an illustrative image. The copies are easy to read, with the name of the events in bold text and detailed dates and times. The CTA button is outstanding, triggering visitors to view the videos.

Google Webinar Landing Page

Webinar Landing Page

The agenda section is packed with the dates, key contents and speaker lineup. What I like about this part is the ‘Copy Link to share session’ CTA, making the event more shareable among those interested. The expand and collapse arrow allows me to view the activities in the day more easily, while the search area lets me look up the topics that interest me most.

Agenda section for Webinar Landing Page

Agenda on Webinar Landing Page

The speaker profile list is well organized too, with images, name, title and the company they work for. Again, some social media buttons should be added to help create more connections.

Speaker for Google Webinar

03. Salesforce

The landing page by Salesforce brings everything back to the basics. Big bold texts are used for the headline and the hotline, highlighting the main topic of the event and that the Salesforce support line is only one call away.

Salesforce Webinar Landing Page

The logo at the bottom right of the page is a good addition of social proof.

04. Shopify

The ecommerce tech giant actually offers a lot of types of webinars to partners to help them drive better traffic. Besides always-on webinar tutorials for sellers, Shopify hosts a wide range of specialized webinar series for partners as well. These events however have seemingly been discontinued and can be re-watched on Youtube. 

Meanwhile, you might want to check out the Webinar by Shopify Partners at These ongoing events are among Shopify efforts to connect Shopify communities around the globe. Let’s take a look at The Fastest Way to Grow your Online Shopify Store webinar.

The Fastest Way to Grow your Online Shopify Store webinar

(*) It should be noted that the event is presented by Filta, on the event hosting platform Splashthat (you can see the mark on the top right!)

The button “Shopify Meetups” on the top right takes me right back to the events.shopify page and intrigues me to explore more.

As I scroll down, I see a FOMO effect working pretty well here. 

Shopify webinar

As soon as I click on the register button, I am taken to a separate page to sign up. However, the sad news is I can’t hit the return button. Quite a nuisance isn’t it?

Now, back to the landing page, (manually)!

Only a couple of more scrolls do I get to the event introduction. Here I can find a full-page piece of information. That would be better if they break it down into different parts.

Shopify event introduction

However, the speaker profile part doesn’t let me down. The images are put into different blocks with an organized hierarchy of information. I can be reassured that the speakers are reliable thanks to the pictures, bio and links to social media channels.

The page ends with an agenda and reputable sponsors. However, I’d like to see more call-to-actions on the page so I can sign up more easily.

Google webinar's agenda


05. Facebook

I ran into this landing page while browsing an Instagram-focused group. Now that Instagram is part of Facebook, it’s great that at least the Facebook landing page maintains the branded color of Instagram from header to footer.

The header. Pretty bad that the agenda, speakers and accessibility texts aren’t clickable.

Facebook Webinar Landing Page
Facebook Webinar

The footer with the consistent RSVP action. Social media buttons allow for better sharing across platforms.

The body text is dedicated to the event description. I like the paragraphing here - very easy to read!

Facebook Webinar details

Facebook webinar's agenda

The speaker profile list looks clean to the eye.

Facebook webinar's speakers

Only one thing to complain about though. The social media buttons do not point to the speaker’s personal account but a share post about the event. Personally I find this pretty misleading.

06. P&G

Honestly it was difficult for me to identify many corporate webinars organized exclusively by P&G, except for this career site.

P&G Webinar Landing Page

The big bold text emphasizes the main topic of the event, with a highlighted frame for the recruiting campaign ‘Day 1’. The picture on the right illustrates corporate professionalism, which also reflects the working environment at the company.

What I find exciting about this page is the sticky Recruiting Assistant chatbot, allowing the HR to come in direct contact with prospective applicants right on the site.

The event description is neatly phrased, with each sentence delivering one value that one can get out of the webinar. Social media buttons let visitors share the page to whoever is interested, which might potentially lead to better conversion.

event descriptions

The webinar registration form not only acts as a lead generation feature for the event but also for the company to expand their talent pool - there’s a section to upload your CV here. I also like how they use different colors to accentuate important sections on the form.

The webinar registration form

07. Hubspot

The Marketing-specialized giant does show their true expertise in the field, even with just a landing page.

Only a second into the page, my attention immediately goes to the full-screen hero banner. The headline is in big bold text, followed by the time and date, with a clear CTA. Click on the CTA button and you’ll be directed to the webinar registration form at the bottom of the page. By doing this the page doesn’t annoy first time visitors with an overwhelming load of information at the beginning.

Hubspot Webinar Landing Page

The sign-up form

event sign-up form

Hubspot is highly attentive to numbers in their copy. My eyes pause at the numbers while scanning, keeping my attention span a little longer than other pages.

The speaker profile section adds another reason to stay longer. Clear profile pictures, company names and titles scream credibility! I also can quickly jump over to their social media sites by clicking on the Twitter and LinkedIn buttons.

Hubspot event speaker

08. Alibaba

The webinar landing site from Alibaba is straight to the point and accessible to the users with less familiarity with tech.

For this recorded webinar, the thumbnail summarizes what's been discussed, while a brief intro box next to the video contains the dates and time and a clear ‘Watch Now’ call to action.

Alibaba Webinar Landing Page

The second scroll takes me to the event description and speaker profiles. Honestly I would like to see more details from the event rather than a plain text repeating the information covered in the thumbnail. The consolation here is that the lineup section is also kept simple so as not to distract the visitors.

event description and speaker profiles

Luckily the footer call to action has come to save the day.

event call to action

The ‘Learn More’ button takes me to a chat box with a bot and immediately initiates a conversation between us with its chat suggestions.

The webinar registration form is short and sweet.

Alibaba webinar registration form is short and sweet

09. LinkedIn

    The banner captures the most basic information about the event, with the title, date and time. The website description has some bullet points, making it easier for the visitors to skim and scan.

    The webinar registration form is quite straightforward, with mostly career background questions. What’s smart about the form is that it allows AutoFill with LinkedIn, saving users quite much time.

    LinkedIn Webinar Landing Page

    The nice thing here is LinkedIn also provides a social media button linked to their LinkedIn profile.

    LinkedIn event's speakers

    What could be made better here is the layout. For example, the speaker profiles can be placed in the center of the page.

    10. US Bank

      Just as I enter the page, I am greeted with a pretty large banner, impressing me with a Covid-19-conscious image, yet a little confusing at the same time. The image should be made smaller, or at least with the headline to let visitors know this is a webinar landing page.

      US Bank Webinar Landing Page

      The webinar detail layout looks quite plain too, with a basic headline, chapeau and body text.

      However, the catch here lies in the footer, with instructions to book a consultancy schedule and explore more webinars. By doing this the brand shows their willingness to directly interact with the customers, which is super important for the time-consuming B2B lead generation process.

      11. Zoom

        Zoom dedicates a landing page to accommodate all of their webinars and events, with the featured webinar banner as the highlight.

        For the below event, the header image well illustrates the theme of the event, accompanied by the information box and the 3 calls to action in orange that can lead to better engagement, especially with the ‘Request a Demo’ button.

        Zoom Webinar Landing Page

        The search bar below allows users to discover more webinars that cater to their particular needs. The ‘Change time zone’ feature makes it all the more easy to read for everyone around the globe to participate.

        change time zone in Zoom

        The registration form also sticks to straightforward wording.

        Zoom Webinar Registration

        12. British Council

          The landing page might trick visitors into thinking it is quite outdated, while in fact, this does help the children and parent customers navigate with less difficulty.

          British Council Webinar Landing Page

          What’s interesting about this page is the traditional drill-down. This is a perfect way to jam a big amount of information into a well-organized layout.

          13. Schneider Electric

            The custom banner here not only reflects the main theme but also the connectedness spirit of the company.

            Schneider Electric

            One interesting thing about the form should be the number of sessions you can choose from. The listings including topics and dates enables visitors to quickly decide the session they would like to sign up for. Social media buttons make the content even more shareable.

            14. Forbes

              For a publishing agency like Forbes, thought leadership forums, including webinars, plays an indispensable part in pursuit of wider partnership networks. The landing page for the ‘Forbes CEO’ event says a lot about that.

              The header here includes the name of the event placed right in the center, followed by a site menu bar of different categories a.k.a all the information you need to know about the event. One click on the category will lead visitors to the respective information section.

              Forbes Webinar Landing Page

              Each information section fits right in one screen and so visitors can catch the gist of the event no issue.

              The event description 

              event description

              Let’s look at the speaker lineup. The slideshows really help organize the information layers much better. The call to action here leads to another nested page listing all the speaker profiles.

              Forbes event speakers

              Very clear instructions for the drill down!

              Forbes event agenda

              Social trust elements including partners, media highlights and contacts.

              15. World Economic Forum

                World Economic Forum (WEF) has developed a futuristic landing page for their technology-focused event series going mid-year forward til the end of 2021.

                I love the color pop on the banner. Social media buttons, along with the hashtag encourages visitors to stay up to date with the activities in the program.

                World Economic Forum Webinar Landing Page

                The event description section manages to provide an overview of the event with a call to action leading to the About page.

                About page

                The About page not only describes the event in greater detail but also points the visitors to the most important call to action of the page, which is the membership registration action.

                The event highlights section also helps increase organization credibility.

                16. AirBnB

                  Why not host an AirBnB webinar landing page on...AirBnb?

                  The accommodation platform takes advantage of their listing website to introduce webinars with necessary information in a pretty creative way.

                  Hero banners are replaced with a photo album, featuring speakers and moments of the event.

                  So many useful details come along as I scroll down - an event description section, pricing, and selection of dates and times.

                  Intro to hosting on Airbnd Webinar

                  A casual intro from the host can go a long way, creating a friendly connection with potential participants right from the start.

                  Airbnb Webinar

                  Testimonials with real reviews and star ratings.

                  Airbib Webinar Landing Page

                  A repetitive call to action at the bottom, in addition to the sticky one at the header.

                  Improve call to action

                  17. Bosch

                  The first part of the webinar landing page is a registration form. With a pretty short and sharp copy, the intro presents the benefits visitors can expect from the events, going straight to the point and generating leads.

                  Bosch Webinar Landing Page

                  Recorded webinars are nested under three umbrella categories, allowing visitors to choose the sessions that appeal most.

                  The page ends with a repetitive call to action at the end, along with a section of upcoming events, motivating the visitors to explore more.

                  18. Shopee

                    As an e-commerce giant, Shopee doesn’t want to miss any chance at generating leads. With a countdown timer and registration box at the banner, the landing page tempts the visitors to leave their email as soon as they enter the page.

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                    The event details are demonstrated in a simple and seller-friendly fashion. The About Event section briefs web visitors over the expectations of the event, ending with two calls to action. The guest speaker profile and company information sections are to make the event look more credible.

                    Shopee Webinar

                    19. Cisco

                    Cisco follows the same pattern as the Shopee webinar landing page by placing the countdown timer on top. The ‘Add to Schedule’ call to action urges viewers to sign up on the spot and reminds them to join the event when it comes up.

                    Cisco Webinar Landing Page

                    The second half is categorized into upcoming, most viewed and recently uploaded videos, helping visitors browse the site smoothly.

                    Cisco Webinar Landing Page


                    20. Trello

                    For Trello, webinars are part of their assets to make productivity management accessible to everyone. The header of the landing page, therefore, starts with a statement as such.

                    Trello webinars

                    Many webinar episodes to choose from, with the sticky header of ‘Log in’ and ‘Sign up’ calls to actions.


                    A simple video screening after the sign-up

                    21. PwC

                    The webinar landing page by PwC focuses heavily on information delivery. Aside from the banner headline, you can even find more events and information of your interest on the search bar and the path.

                    PwC Webinar Landing Page

                    Use bold text and videos to organize your landing page better.

                    As I keep scrolling, I get to the event schedule where I can easily sign up for the sessions.

                    PwC Webinar Landing Page

                    22. Adobe

                    Adobe opens their webinar landing page with a clear headline and key information on the baner.

                    Adobe Webinar Landing Page

                    The event description is broken down into different sections, making it convenient for visitors to skim. The large form on the right makes the registration easy to read.

                    The speaker profiles come with images, titles and social media links, along with a short bio.

                    23. Grab

                    For Grab, the webinar landing page is nested as a post in their blog section.

                    The header here basically captures all the information we need to know about the event, including the topic, date and time. The call to action message also comes with a FOMO effect.

                    Grab Webinar Landing Page

                    The call to action button appears at the second half of the page.

                    24. Prudential

                    Prudential manages to target professional customers with their Pruadviser webinar landing page. The banner really shows professionalism and partnership mindset.

                    Prudential Webinar

                    The webinar list below allows visitors to choose from a great number of sessions. Let's proceed by clicking on ‘Register for this session’!

                    Prudential webinar list

                    For this event-specific page, aside from the large full-screen image, the header is supplemented with an information box and a call to action. What I like about the Pru webinar page is their formal wording - looks like a real academic hub to me!

                    The copy is made more clear with the learning outcomes.

                    The speaker lineup follows the picture - name - title - bio prompt.

                    25. Oracle

                    The header presents key information pretty well. The registration button points to a simple sign-up form, targeting staff members from large corporations that can be prospective clients of Oracle.

                    Oracle Webinar

                    Oracle webinar register form

                    Metric-driven copies that revolve around efficiency and measurement.


                    Highly seasoned experts as guest speakers. The call and chat buttons can contribute largely to lead generation.

                    Oracle Webinar


                    (*) Note: To find webinar landing page examples for this part, you can use this method: Hop over to Google and enter: site: domain “webinar". Replace domain with popular sites like Spotify, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc. 

                    III. How To Build A Webinar Landing Page With Shopify & PageFly

                    Organizing a webinar already goes with a lot of work, so creating a webinar landing page shouldn’t add more burden.

                    The good news is, you can create a webinar landing page and even customize it without any fee. With Shopify, one of the most reliable e-commerce giants and its best page builder app PageFly, you can start your high-converting webinar landing page for free.

                    Step 1: Create a Shopify Account and Install PageFly

                    • Visit Shopify at and follow the instructions to set up your online store.
                    • Visit the PageFly page on Shopify App Store, click the Add App button and fill in your store’s URL to install the app to your Shopify store.
                    Install PageFly

                      Step 2: Initiate your Webinar Landing Page

                      Once you’re on the PageFly dashboard, click Create a page or the (+) icon on the left menu and select Regular Page.

                      Create Page with PageFly

                      After your Page Settings configuration is done, you will be directed to a Template Library which lets you choose a template to start your store with.

                      (*) Note: Consider using the paid plans to create more landing pages.

                      Step 3: Design your Webinar Landing Page


                      On the element catalog, click on the Add element icon, choose the Layout element and then, drag and drop the Full Section option into the page editor.

                      Choose Layout in PageFly

                      PageFly editor page

                      In the Styling tab, scroll down to the BACKGROUND parameter, choose an image from the Background Image option and add some big bold text.

                      Create webinar landing page with PageFly


                      The copy should reflect the personality of your brand and should be organized in a comfortable way for readers to follow.

                      For the start, you can use the paragraph element and explore our General & Styling settings to achieve the style that feels right to your brand most.

                      Better, you can choose from over 80 PageFly templates and find the perfect layout for your text. You can check out one of our demo pages at Educare School - Admission.


                      The images and videos should help in extending the storyline of your webinar landing pages. Thanks to PageFly media elements, you can try and feel different types of design materials on your page.

                      From the basics such as videos…

                      Add HTML video on PageFly

                      … to the testimonials and logos for social proof

                      Add review app on PageFly

                      Call to action

                      PageFly also helps establish urgent calls to action.

                      On the element catalog, click on the Add element icon, choose the Button element and then, drag and drop the first variant on the banner. Then you change the text and add a link.

                      You should also try FOMO effects here and there on your webinar landing pages to increase lead generation.

                      Countdown timer

                      Countdown timer on PageFly

                      Check out more best practices for your calls to action on landing pages built with PageFly HERE

                      Step 4: Preview and Go Live

                      When you're satisfied with your page, view it in preview mode. With PageFly, you can adjust the viewing across different devices, especially for mobiles.

                      Publish page with PageFly


                      Even the most brilliant webinar organizers need an audience. With quality webinar landing pages, you can draw more attendance and in the long run drive more lead generation and positive growth for your business.

                      Shopify and PageFly can get your webinar landing page off the ground for free with no difficulty. If used wisely, this perfect combo can leave you a lot of space to test your visual creativity and push your performance to the max.

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