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6 Creative Ways To Make Money With PageFly Affiliate Program

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Today I want to talk about making money.

I want to talk about some of the types of revenue you can earn, with a focus on the unlimited earning potential of affiliate marketing and becoming a PageFly Partner.

But before we get started, I'm going to assume you're one of the following:

  1. You’re a Shopify Partner on the development side.
  2. You’re an influencer of some sort with an online following.
  3. You love PageFly, and think other's should enjoy it too


eCommerce is without a doubt, one of the easiest business models to scale, support and sell, as mentioned by marketing master Ezra Firestone.

When growing an eCommerce store, the product rarely changes - only the quantity. And because of this, very little time is needed to develop it like, for example, Software as a Service (Saas) that must continually evolve to meet customers demands. More on that later.

This means support for selling physical products is way easier. Having your own eCommerce brand also then has the potential to become an asset down the line, which you could sell.

It's an economy that's growing rapidly, and you can make a decent income by promoting it to others as an affiliate.

So what's the fuss about affiliate marketing? Recommending products that you’ve used and loved has the potential to pay off big. Especially if they truly bring value to the person purchasing them. You’re using your influence as a credible voice in the field to earn real money.

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Linear vs Passive income

Now, ideally, you want to have a few different streams of revenue coming in all the time if you’re serious about building wealth. If you’re not, that’s fine too. But it’s hard to generate true wealth when you only trade hours for dollars.

This is known as linear income.

You work 1 hour, you get paid a fixed rate for that hour. You don’t work, you don’t earn. It’s what we’re used to, and it’s a great way to make money. But even better would be adding an extra stream of passive income into the mix.

This way, you do the work once and continue to get paid for it month after month.  

Sound too good to be true? Actually, a lot of SaaS businesses offer this opportunity. The PageFly Affiliate Program is one of them. When a Shopify merchant installs PageFly and pays their monthly subscription fee, we will give you a piece of it. For life.

Passive income

Do the work once. Reap the rewards continually. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the beach or fast asleep.

Sew your seeds and watch your money trees grow. We at PageFly do the watering for you, updating our product and taking care of the customer's needs.

I know you what you’re thinking. “But, internet stranger, people make a lot of promises. How much can I actually earn?”

Well, I’m not making any promises today. Only that your results are a direct reflection of your actions. So at that, let’s look at the commission payouts that await.

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What’s the commission structure?

PageFly is a subscription-based service, so our customers pay a premium every month depending on their needs.


pagefly pricing
Pricing for PageFly plans

As a PageFly Affiliate Partner, you’ll be earning a commission based on the plan your referral chooses.

  • For the 1st month you earn 50% of the net profit based on the PageFly plan the merchant has chosen.
  • From the 2nd month you earn 30% and for the customer’s lifetime.

Let’s do some quick maths.

If your referral joins on the Platinum Plan ($99), you’ll receive $79.20 (-20% Shopify App fee) for the first month. For each month after this, your commission would be roughly $23.76. Per user.

50 users x $23.76 (+79.20 for first month) x 12 months = $14,335.20. A pretty little penny for recommending one of the most popular page builder apps for Shopify. But the beauty of being an affiliate is that you have an uncapped earning potential, depending on how hard you work.

100 users would bring in an extra $28,670.4 per year! So on and so forth. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

These earnings are entirely possible. Later in the article, I’ll be showing you some of the best methods for success when recommending PageFly.

Note: As a PageFly Partner, you will continue to receive a commission for the customer’s lifetime using one of the paid plans.

Ideas and tactics for promoting PageFly

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube neon

One of the easiest ways for people to consume content is through video. We’re highly influenced by visual content and being able to conceptualize processes makes us more open to them.

This is because competence = confidence.

If your viewers can understand how easy it is to create full-blown web pages with PageFly, you’ve done most of the work.

Here’s my suggestion:

  • Start a YouTube channel (if you don't already have one)
  • Create tutorial videos of how to build web pages with PageFly
  • Showcase the creation of landing, home, sales, products pages and more in separate uploads
  • ALWAYS add as much value as possible to your audience in your videos
  • Do YouTube keyword research and use the best keywords to gain exposure
  • Include your unique affiliate link in the description of your videos
  • At the end of your tutorial videos, tell them exactly how to get started with PageFly using the provided link
  • Seed your videos across forums such as Reddit, Quora, Pinterest

Here’s a great example from Business Dynamite. Sure it’s in French, but it provides great value to people in French speaking regions who want to build high converting Shopify pages.

PageFly YouTube description links

Here’s an example of cross-promotion in a YouTube video description. This is where you would apply your PageFly affiliate link.

Offer a Udemy course

Create a Udemy course showcasing anything from ‘How to build dropshipping product pages’ to ‘How to get started with Shopify with no experience’. These are just two examples of ways you can show students that PageFly makes these processes a breeze.

And most importantly, offer your course for free. The aim is not to make money via Udemy. The aim is to add value to your students, build credibility, gain trust, and then direct them to the best solution for their needs - PageFly.  

Udemy Shopify courses

These highly rated Shopify courses are in abundance on Udemy, all with a price tag. Imagine the value you could add to the community by offering your solution at no cost!

Blog about it

Are you a proud blog owner? There are a ton of ways to monetize a blog without selling your soul. Recommending products that you’ve tried and believe in is one of them.

Ideally, you would be running an eCommerce solutions blog.

1. Again, creating tutorials around building all kinds of web pages with PageFly, then using a strong call to action with your affiliate link at the end.

2. Or you could write up a review like this post from UseTurbo. Taking a non-biased approach in the article while positively promoting PageFly and other tools is the best way to use this approach.

3. If you don’t have an email collection tool on your site, you should definitely integrate one and start building a list right away. Email is still super powerful, and a great way to tell stories and cross-promote PageFly or other similar solutions.

Here are some email headline templates that might come in useful for future email campaigns. Like advertising legend David Ogilvy said, “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

  • Is _____ worth the money?
  • Everything you need to know about getting cheaper _____
  • Top 10 tips for hassle-free ______
  • Best ____ for under [insert price]
  • Unusual but achievable ____
  • 5 ways to boost your ____ without spending more _____
  • Ways to ____ on a budget
  • 5 ways to _____ and profit!
  • Who else wants to ____?
  • Do you make these mistakes in _____?
  • How to get _____ in half the time
  • Have a ____ you can be proud of
  • A crazy hack that is helping _____ to _____
  • 5 reasons _____ is always better than ______
  • They laughed when I _____, but when I started to_____…. (“They laughed when I sat down at the piano, but when I started to play….”)

Work with or start a podcast

When it comes to buzzwords for 2019, podcast is right up there with “Thought Leadership”, although not quite as cringey. But actually, podcasts are versatile by nature, which makes them a great outlet. They’re widely available on platforms like Spotify, Google Play and iTunes. They’re also listened to by 44% of the population of the entire U.S.

Starting your own podcast is easy. All you need is two microphones and possibly a camera if you’re sharing it on YouTube (which I highly recommend). But even more powerful than this is working with already well-established channels.

How do you do this?

Find a list of podcasts within your niche and ask them if they accept interviews. Send them a pitch and convince them you have lots of value to add by featuring on their channel. It’s a great opportunity to promote your blog and the work you do.

Here’s some tips if you get the green light to appear on someone’s podcast:

  • Show up as early as possible so the host can prepare and sound check
  • If you’re interviewing remotely, do not use your phone or laptop microphone. Invest in an external mic that you can plug into your headphone jack
  • Use headphones to avoid echoes
  • Turn off all notifications and close doors and windows to keep noise to a minimum
  • Don’t forget to mention your blog!

This is one of my favourite ways for people who are looking to drive more traffic to their blog. Because you have the opportunity to cross-promote the podcast on your site, it’s one of the most effective low-cost solutions there is.

Development stores with PageFly

If you're a Shopify Partner and you’re familiar with PageFly, scour Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr for clients who are looking for a new Shopify Store.

Upwork Shopify jobs

Use PageFly to build them a stunning, fully functional eCommerce store that they’ll fall in love with. Then transfer the store ownership along with PageFly into their name.

The best part about this approach is that you will make money for developing their store, but also a recurring monthly commission from PageFly and Shopify.

A quick search will show you just how many people are in need of a competent Shopify developer to help them get their business going. If you’re not entirely familiar with PageFly yet, check our YouTube channel and our help center to get up to speed FAST.

Note: PageFly is a Shopify Partner friendly app, so as a developer, you can access PageFly Premium features for free, to build your client the best store possible. Because there is no trial period, as a partner you can rest easy knowing PageFly will be there from conception to finalizing your client’s store.

Use social media

Instagram influencing isn’t just restricted to promoting detox teas and appetite suppressing lollipops while hitting a questionable yoga pose on the beach. Again, you could use your personal brand to promote products as an affiliate or create a separate Instagram for it.

For example, how about starting an Instagram account to showcase stunning website designs in multiple industries? With each upload, you could recreate the pages in a YouTube tutorial and place the link in your Instagram bio.

But the best way to use social media is through forum sites like Reddit and Quora. These platforms are spilling out with people who need answers to questions on all topics.

Shopfiy questions on Quora

Search out these questions, and provide an answer with as much value as possible. Then, use your affiliate link at the end as your Call to Action.

They key here is to place all your focus on providing genuinely helpful answers, while being very subtle in the placement of your affiliate link.

So where should you drive traffic? PageFly has multiple CTA buttons on every page on site.

try pagefly free

This means you can add your affiliate ID to any one of our pages, and you will receive a commission if they sign up using your link. This is important for two reasons:

  1. You can send the prospect to the page that’s most relevant to them or your content
  2. You can track the signup rate to see which page converts best through internally built affiliate platform.

 pagefly affiliate program dashboard

Leveraging the growth of eCommerce as an affiliate

Shopify is a platform that continues to grow at a rate that exceeds all expectations. E-commerce is the natural solution to shopping as automation advances and we excel deeper into a technology-driven world.

PageFly has also shown an impressive track record in the short time since it’s conception. Hitting the Shopify app store in September 2017, we’ve garnered over 800+ reviews on the app store with an average rating of 4.8 stars.

As of today, PageFly is helping eCommerce dreams come true all over the world, with more than 12,000 merchants using the app to customize their Shopify storefronts. Everything from the product, landing, homepage, collection, blog pages and more are being made every day.

And above all, we have no signs of slowing down. PageFly is on a mission to impact as many lives as possible. One look at our app store reviews is a testament to our commitment to our users.

But what does all this mean?

Well, eCommerce is a fast moving train right now, with unlimited potential for growth.

ecommerce growth rate

It’s always best to jump on before it’s too late. More and more people are joining Shopify every day. More and more people need a solution like PageFly every day.

You might as well be the one to recommend it to them. Before someone else does.

The (super simple) application process to be a PageFly Affiliate

Hopefully you’ve decided it’s time to grab the bull by the horns and get started as a proud PageFly affiliate. But more importantly, someone who adds value to those around them.

Yes? Glad to hear it. Here’s what to do.

  1. Click that gorgeous little box below
  2. Fill out the quick survey
  3. Create a PageFly affiliate account within to track your commissions

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