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Top 40+ Shopify Stores: Inspiring Website Examples and Discovery Tips

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If you are looking for Shopify website examples to inspire you to launch your business idea, you’re right where you should be. You see, starting an ecommerce business isn’t as easy as online gurus say. Just like a traditional business, there are some things that you can’t learn unless you dive right into it.

Cost-effective is what ecommerce is. And its beauty lies in the tools, automation, and global access that it could give to your business at relatively low costs. However, all these can’t be achieved if you don't take the first step.

These successful Shopify stores that we have here all started as simple ideas – just like yours right now. But with willingness to learn, perseverance, and wit, they’ve become triumphant stores in their respective niches.

So if you’re ready to get some inspiration and learn from those who are already nailing it, stick till the end because we’re not just talking about store examples here, we’re also teaching you how to find more stores!

Let’s get going.

10 Best Shopify Website Examples

It was about six years ago when we first heard of Shopify. At that time, we really didn’t know that much about the platform.

So our first questions were, “What can we do with Shopify and what are the possibilities it brings to ecommerce?”

Shopify really piqued our attention. And after a lot of searching, we figured out that it was indeed a great platform with lots of potential.

Fast forward to today, it didn’t disappoint. Shopify introduced updates and changes to remain competitive in an ever-progressive ecommerce landscape.

As a result, more and more stores are finding success using this platform. Check out some of the many (thousands) successful Shopify stores below to understand what we’re talking about.

Make sure to click the links to their websites and explore their stores to see their unique designs.

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01. Men’s Fashion: Velasca

Best Shopify website examples: Velasca -- Homepage Screenshot

Image Credits: Velasca

First one in our list of the best Shopify stores is Velasca. Founded in Milan in 2013, is an Italian footwear brand that offers high-quality, handcrafted shoes at reasonable prices. Their products are not inexpensive, however, the expertise and Italian craftsmanship poured into each of their shoes justify their prices.

💡 Install Shopify Theme Detector (Free Chrome Extension) 

Velasca’s product lineup includes a range of meticulously designed footwear like classic dress shoes, casual loafers, and boots. They also have a clothing store for jackets, suits, knitwear, sweatshirts, and shirts – all made from top-notch fabric.

Velasca for Women homepage

Credits: Velasca

Their website also acts as a portal for Velasca Women, a fashion Shopify store which offers shoes, clothing, and accessories for the ladies who love the durability and style of Italian craftsmanship.

We can say that both websites are carefully designed in order to fit the brand’s classy and sophisticated persona. The pages are accompanied by great photos that communicate Velasca’s adherence to traditions while incorporating a modern touch in their products.

full homepage capture: Velasca

Image Credits: Velasca

This Shopify store is a great example for fashion brands who want to incorporate visual designs and imagery into their ecommerce stores. As you can see, Velasca’s homepage is like an art gallery full of memories and personality.

02. Women’s Fashion: Petal and Pup

Best Shopify website examples: Petal and Pup -- Homepage Screenshot

Image Credits: Petal and Pup

Our next Shopify store is Petal & Pup. It is an Australian fashion brand that was founded back in 2014. Despite the elegant designs of their products, Petal & Pulp commits to selling these products at affordable prices. They focus on releasing trendy and versatile collections ranging from casual to elegant dresses.

Their product range includes dressers, a variety of tops and bottoms, casual outfits, and more. To those who are seeking fashionable outfits for any occasion, Petal & Pup is the place to be – and it won’t break the bank.

full homepage capture: Petal and pup

Image Credits: Petal and Pup

What we like about Petal & Pup is that they know how to maximize their homepage in order to flaunt all that they have to offer. As you scroll down this popular Shopify store, you’ll be greeted by a variety of colors and designs.

Despite that, it is not overwhelming at all. The image sizes are well-proportioned and the shots themselves are professionally taken – and all these add character to the website.

Exploring the mega menu of Petal and Pup

Credits: Petal and Pup

Because they have a lot of SKUs in their ecommerce store, they knew that finding their products would be a nightmare for their customers. That’s why they made use of a mega menu that properly sorts out their products in easily understandable sub-menus.

Unfortunately, not all online stores use mega menus. The rule of thumb is, your customer should be able to find what they’re looking for in two to three clicks. And a mega menu will help you do that.

One effective way to achieve a similar seamless shopping experience is by using the Blum theme. This quick-setup Shopify theme is designed for an exceptional shopping experience with its integrated mega menu for seamless navigation, fast loading speed, and modern visual and conversion-oriented features like the quick buy button, cart drawer, and sticky add-to-cart button on the product page. These features help create an engaging and smooth customer experience, encouraging repeat visits and purchases.

03. Skin Care & Grooming For Men: Beard & Blade

Best Shopify website examples: Beard & Blade -- Homepage Screenshot

Image Credits: Beard & Blade

If you are planning to sell personal care products for men, Beard & Blade is a Shopify store that is worth drawing inspiration from.

Beard & Blade is an Australian personal care retail store that offers a variety of men’s grooming products from more than 90 different brands. They also have their own products named after them that range from beard care, to facial supplies, and nutritional supplements.

All brands offered by Beard and Blade

Image Credits: Beard & Blade

Truth be told that Beard & Blade is a men’s paradise because it offers a curated selection of all things grooming – including razors, shaving brushes, electronics, and a lot more.

And with the brands that they have in store, it’s hard not to find what you are looking for here.

This ecommerce store is a testament to Shopify’s flexibility as an ecommerce platform. Whether you’re an exclusive brand that only sells its own product, or a retail brand like Beard & Blade that offers products from different manufacturers, Shopify is an ecommerce platform that’s up to the massive task.

Looking for a product on Beard & Blade is very easy

Credits: Beard & Blade

With thousands of products in their online store. Browsing is incredibly easy. Simply click the Brand menu and pick your brand. In just two clicks, you’ve found what you are looking for.

This goes to show that regardless of how many products you add to your store, the online shopping experience need not suffer. There are no special designs and animations in Beard & Blade as they stuck with the tried and tested formula of simplicity plus functionality – and it works well for them.

04. Skin Care & Grooming For Women: ColourPop

Best Shopify website examples: ColourPop is a great Shopify store that offers hundreds of cosmetic products

Image Credits: ColourPop

If there’s one thing ColourPop is not afraid of, it’s bold colors. Unlike Beard & Blade’s simple design, ColourPop’s ecommerce store is sprinkled and surrounded by shades of red. It’s a bit unusual, but doesn’t it look good?

ColourPop is a popular cosmetic brand that hails from Los Angeles California. Their wide array of cosmetics such as eyeshadows, lipsticks, and skincare products have gained quite a fame on social media accumulating a jaw-dropping 10 million followers on Instagram.

Colourpop is acclaimed for their extensive color options, creative collaborations, and cruelty-free formulas. Additionally, their brand advocates inclusivity through pricing – which resonates with users of all kinds, ranging from teens to makeup enthusiasts seeking trendy, accessible beauty products that don’t empty one’s wallet.

full homepage capture: Colourpop

Image Credits: ColourPop

Christmas came in early for ColourPop – perhaps the reason for the bold red theme. Aside from the cute designs, their holiday season offers are already implemented throughout their colorful Shopify store; which will surely make their avid followers (and first-time customers) excited.

ColourPop has a social media section in its homepage and it features shoppable posts

Credits: ColourPop

ColourPop knows how to attract and maximize their social followers. They have an Instagram section on their homepage and each Instagram post contains shoppable items.

If you don’t know yet, you can integrate your Instagram account into your Shopify store so that your IG posts become shoppable products which your customers can purchase directly from your social page.

05. Culture Niche: CULTURE Hijab

Best Shopify website examples for culture niche: Culture Hijab -- Homepage Screenshot

Image Credits: CULTURE Hijab

Culture Hijab is a fashion brand which aims to provide stylish (and culture-appropriate) hijabs for Muslim women. This gives them the opportunity to express their identity while adhering to their faith.

Their product range includes a variety of hijabs in different styles, colors, and materials. In addition to that, they offer modest clothing items and accessories.

Culture Hijab's customized prayer mat

Image Credits: CULTURE Hijab

Being a niche brand, Culture Hijab knows that the Islam faith requires strict adherence to their periodic prayer hours (five times per day).

That’s why they came up with a prayer mat that’s easy on the joints, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. This mat offers comfort when praying.

One key consideration that they have here is the appropriateness of their product to their religion and culture. That’s why they did not depart too far from traditional designs.

Culture Hijab is proof that you can use modern tools without violating traditions. And if you plan to launch an ecommerce business that honors your roots, you’ll definitely learn a lot from how this Shopify store conducts its business.

Culture Hijab makes great use of written customer reviews in their marketing

Credits: CULTURE Hijab

Culture Hijab takes advantage of the benefits of social proof on their homepage. Just a few scrolls down, their website visitors can access customer testimonials.

According to Trustmary, “ecommerce conversion rate grows by 67% when website visitors are shown customer reviews on the website”.

This highlights the extreme importance of adding customer reviews or testimonials on your homepage as this gives your potential customers an insight as to how your previous customers view your products. This also helps them rule in favor of your product when deciding on a purchase.

06. Specialty Products: Volant

Best Shopify website examples: Volant -- Homepage Screenshot

Image Credits: Volant

Volant is a Shopify store that sells diffusers, essential oils, and scented candles. Their Scandinavian roots are very evident in their products – implementing simple, minimalist, and modern design principles to create elegant and timeless products that blend in nicely with any home.

Unlike mass-market diffusers that are made of plastic, Volant takes pride in its handmade diffusers that are made from high-quality porcelain. Their headquarters is located in Oslo, Norway.

Volant has a trust badges, shipping guarantees, and customer reviews sections scattered on its homepage to improve its credibility

Image Credits: Volant

Volant uses an alternating pastel-colored space and white space on their homepage giving it a natural and relaxing feel. Design-wise, it’s well executed.

Furthermore, we can’t help but notice Volant’s use of social proof and different types of trust badges (review badges, accreditations, guarantee and free shipping badges) to establish a credible image in the eyes of its customers.

If you scroll back to the image above, you’ll see that their hero image already contains a social proof, followed by a TrustPilot rating in the next section.

Volant uses videos for testimonials and marketing to show their products being used in home setting

 Credits: Volant

Another thing we liked about Volant’s website is their use of different types of videos to showcase their products.

The first video shown in the GIF above is of a customer testimonial showing her diffuser does its work. The next one is their official marketing video that shows Volant’s use in different home settings.

There really is a lot going on in this Shopify store. Despite that, none of it was visually overwhelming. Website design played a crucial role in achieving that.

07. Personalized Services:  Simply Noted

Best Shopify website examples: Simply Noted -- Homepage Screenshot

Credits: Simply Noted

If you think that you can only sell physical products on Shopify, you’re hugely mistaken. In fact, you can sell services (and digital products) on Shopify.

Simply Noted is a powerful example of the service category. And their business model is the simplest one in this list – they “Send Real Handwritten Notes” to anyone. Be it a prospective client, a customer, or a significant other.

They make the deal even sweeter, customers have unlimited card options as they can send their own designs to Simply Noted. Additionally, customers can add gift cards and other special inserts to make their receivers feel more special.

The ordering process in Simply Noted is intuitive. You can write your custom message and choose the fonts that you want to use

Image Credits: Simply Noted

Their unique Shopify store is pretty entertaining to explore. After you choose your design, you’ll be redirected to this page where you can type your specific message, choose a font, or upload your personal design. This is also the place where you select if you want to purchase in bulk.

This business surely is a great solution for large events like weddings, anniversaries, and more. What makes it unique is that they use their “proprietary robotic technology to write your message with a real pen”.

We’re very curious about how they make this possible.

Scrolling through the website of Simply Noted to show its unique design and smart animations

Credits: Simply Noted

Their website design is very unique as well because they incorporate some animations to it. These animations serve as an illustration of their process. The ecommerce store is very intuitive, to say the least.

And since they only have one product, handwritten letters, they made sure to make it very visible on their website.

So if you’re into calligraphy, this Shopify store can teach you a lot of things about business.

08. Arts & Crafts: KALIFANO

Best Shopify website examples: Kalifano -- Homepage Screenshot

Image Credits: kalifano

Planning to launch an arts and crafts business? Pay close attention to this Shopify store.

Kalifano is a family-owned business that specializes in manufacturing a wide range of crafts made from various materials such metal, crystals, and fossils. They also have unique jewelry and ornaments.

full homepage capture: kalifano

Image Credits: kalifano

Among their flagship products are metal sculptures that they form into iconic robots, animals, furniture, or whatever the customers want.

Their website has a plain design. What gives life to it are their products with an assortment of colors.

With more than a century of experience, Kalifano truly knows their craft. They can create tabletop displays from metal, scale models, and even figures larger than humans.

Kalifano truly knows their craft. They can create tabletop displays from metal, scale models

Credits: kalifano

Since they have quite a lot of products in their collection, they sorted them out using tabs in their website. One for crystals, fossils, and jewelry, and a dedicated tab for the metal art that made them famous.

There are a lot of solutions that you can do to your Shopify store if you have a large SKU. Kalifano’s “tab” solution is a bit unconventional because some websites will redirect users to an entirely different ecommerce store. On the other hand, Kalifano simply created a dedicated page to organize their ecommerce store.

09. Intimate Apparel:  Honey Birdette

Best Shopify website examples: Honey Birdette -- Homepage Screenshot

Image Credits: Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a Shopify store that sells intimate apparel for women such as bodysuits, late lingerie, thongs, and more. To those who want a little more excitement in their intimate life, they also offer products that satisfy that.

full homepage capture: honey birdette

Image Credits: Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette went with a bold black theme throughout their website, and it works really well for them as it puts the spotlight on their products.

Additionally, the use of an oversized main font is noticeable. All these elements, black color, font style and size, and daring photography all contribute to the sexy silhouette and feel of this website.

No special animations here – just pure meticulous designs that truly set the tone. It’s evident that they put a lot of effort into their branding in order to have this girl-next-door persona.

Honey Birdette video capture

Credits: Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette maximizes the screen real estate to show their products in a well-directed marketing video that will surely grab the attention of their target customers.

This Shopify store is proof that you can be as unconventional as possible in designing your store. You don’t even have to incorporate complicated animations to do that.

Honey Birdette’s online store simply made use of the color black and accompanied it with a unique font style to achieve that.

10. Foods: Doughy

Best Shopify Website Examples: Doughy -- Homepage Screenshot

Credits: Doughy

Yes, you can sell food products on Shopify! Take the Doughy for example.

Doughy is a Shopify store that sells “The cleanest, most delicious vegan cookie dough ever.” And they even claim that they only use “seven ingredients or less” in their products – vegan and health-conscious customers will definitely appreciate this.

Their products can be eaten raw or baked (indicated in their packaging). Yum! We must admit, scrolling through their website made us hungry.

Doughy uses parallax scrolling in its website to showcase its products

Credits: Doughy

One noticeable element of their website is their use of GIF as their hero image and the interesting parallax scrolling section that they used to display their flagship products.

Another thing is the customer reviews section that is boldly displayed in a sliding manner.

Their web copywriting is impeccable and is worthy of applause

Credits: Doughy

One more thing that they did great is their website copywriting. They made use of witty words and puns to make their website more exciting.

Website copy plays an important role in any website – more importantly in an online store that aims to grab attention and make the sale.

According to MarketSplash, “Many users visit web pages with a specific goal, seeking only a piece of information.”

In Doughy’s headline that says “The cleanest, most delicious vegan cookie dough ever”, their website visitors would immediately know that their products are 100% vegan. And to people who are looking for vegan products, this serves as a hook that baits them to look more into their products.

In creating your own website, remember that copywriting is as important as web design. You can give your online store a unique voice through great marketing.

18 Inspirational Shopify Store Examples

Here are more Shopify store examples with inspiring designs to help you conceptualize your dream store.

01. Nili Lotan

Best Shopify stores: nililotan

Product Page

nililotan product page

By the way, you might be interested in reading TOP 30+ Shopify Product Pages blog post. In that post, we have covered the best examples of Shopify Product Pages for your inspiration.

Collection Page

nililotan collection page

02. John Robshaw

Best Shopify stores: johnrobshaw

03. Obachan

getobachan shopify store

If you want to have a more in​-depth analysis to learn their strategy, you can see the article about  Best Inspiring Shopify Store. In that blog, we also provide detailed steps with cornerstones for a successful Shopify store.

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04. Margauxny

Best Shopify stores: margauxny store

05. Defy  


06. Bear Walker


Best Shopify stores: bear walker

07. Pierced


Best Shopify stores: pierced

08. Wild Smith Skin



09. Greyston


Best Shopify stores: Greystone Bakery

10. Josie Maran Cosmetics


Josie Maran Cosmetics

If you consider starting a new Beauty and Cosmetic Store, you should begin with naming your store now. Get inspired by PageFly's Cosmetic Brand Name Ideas blog post

11. Epic Watch Bands

Best Shopify stores: Epic Watch Bands

12. Swell No More

Best Shopify stores: Swell No More

By the way, you can easily re-create the similar page layout with one of Shopify page templates from PageFly App. PageFly has 90+ ready to use page templates for different niches.

13. Diaboli Kill


Beautify Shopify Store: Swell No More

14. Knack Shops


Beautify Shopify Store: Knack Shops

Learn more: Selling Food Online: An Essential Guide

15. Anecdote Candles


Beautify Shopify Store: anecdote candies

16. Otobrush

Beautify Shopify Store: Otobrush

17. Helen’s Jewels

Helen’s Jewels

18. Harry's


We've actually tried to recreate Harry's Landing Page - check out how we do it, so that you can create the same high converting Landing Page as Harry's.

One Product Shopify Store Samples

Shopify also works well with stores with only one product, or those with just a very few items. Check out the stores below to see how you can execute that.


keyboard io

02. Wiralcam


03. Mytreepod


04. Backstrong chair

backstrong chair

Successful Shopify Plus Store Examples

Having a Shopify Plus store is the holy grail of ecommerce. Because for a business to afford the monthly expenses of a Shopify Plus subscription, it must be netting more than $2000 per month.

Yup, a Shopify store can be pricey. But it unlocks the full capabilities of your online store. It’s like a Shopify store on steroids.

01.  Emma Bridgewater

Home & Kitchen

Emma Bridgewater

 02. Pura Vida


Need more Jewelry inspiration? Check out our analysis of top 12+ Shopify Accessories Stores.

Pura Vida

03. HiSmile


04. Beast Mode

Beast Mode

05. Kylie’s Cosmetics


Kylie’s Cosmetics

06. Amazing Lights

Amazing Lights

07. Leesa


08. Inspire Uplift shopify plus store

09. Cupshe

10. Yeezysupply

11. Vici

Top 100 shopify stores

Store Name

Four Ways To Find More Shopify Stores

Continue reading on the next sections to gain more techniques in finding more Shopify store examples:

01. Find Stores Using their IP -

One of the methods for finding Shopify stores is through the website. When merchants sign up with Shopify the whole ecommerce store will be hosted on the platform. Visit this page and you’ll see the “Shopify Inc.” option is selected and the whole Shopify store list is displayed. When we get stuck with finding Shopify inspiration, we use this method first.

To make the search easier for you, access this website using this URL:

find stores using their IP via - image 1

We’ve also set Shopify, Inc. as the IP owner so you can go straight to your research. Simply click the Search button beside the IP owner and will give you a list of Shopify stores in their database.

find stores using their IP via - image 2

Without sorting them out, gives you more than 700,000 Shopify stores.

If you want to narrow down the results to stores with heavy web traffic, say, those that are getting more than 10,000 visits per day, use the Popularity field and type the number.

find stores using their IP via - image 3 will then give you the Shopify stores in their database that are getting more than 10,000 visits per day.

Let’s try to confirm if the filter returns accurate results.

find stores using their IP via - image 4

We clicked on one of the results, Simthreads. You’ll see above that this Shopify store is getting 10,600 visits per day on average. is a convenient tool if you want to specifically find Shopify stores with high daily foot traffic.

Checking the source code using the web browser

Say you’re casually browsing and you stumbled upon a nicely executed online store. Now, you want to know if the website is using Shopify.

Instead of using to see the web host, you can just look at the source code of the online.

Let’s use Simthread as an example.

While you are on their website, press ctrl + shift + i to open the source code.

check the source code to find out if it uses Shopify - image 1

The one you see on the right portion of the screen is the source code.

To figure out if they are using Shopify, you need to search their code for the word Shopify.

To do that, press anywhere in the source code and in your keyboard, press ctrl + f to conduct a search. In the search bar, type “Shopify”. You will then instantly see if the website is using Shopify.

check the source code to find out if it uses Shopify - image 2

In the image above, you’ll see that the code search showed that Simthreads uses Shopify’s platform in their ecommerce store.

There’s an even easier way to see if a store uses Shopify in their business. And it doesn’t require searching the code. This method is possible by using a chrome extension called Shopify Theme Detector by PageFly. Jump over the bonus item on this list if you want to see it now.

02. “Powered By Shopify” Sites & Google

Another way to find Shopify-based stores is by using Google and the right search combination. You might notice in some stores at the bottom, the string “Powered by Shopify” is written. When you click on this phrase, you’ll be redirected to the website.

“Powered By Shopify” Sites & Google - image 1

We decided to give it a quick test and google that phrase. However, we were not satisfied with the result because it returned plenty of articles around that common phrase. So here is the trick, just scroll below a little bit.

“Powered By Shopify” Sites & Google - image 2

The right combination is “ powered by shopify” search phrase. You’ll see a list of better results from Google Search engine. Notice that the results now are much better and more precise, but you should still double check with the source code to be certain.

“Powered By Shopify” Sites & Google - image 3

 When you sign up with Shopify, there is always the name of your store +

Now, let’s do a quick test using the Google site function plus the niche that we are researching.

“Powered By Shopify” Sites & Google - image 4

Let’s say we are looking for dog products, type in “ dog

“Powered By Shopify” Sites & Google - image 5

And we see some great examples of Shopify dog stores' niche.

V-dog Shopify niche Store

V-dog: vegan dog food

Dog Quality

Dog Quality homepage

One thing you should pay attention to – use advanced settings of Google such as the Time of page indexing, so you’ll have different results for more inspirational examples.

“Powered By Shopify” Sites & Google - image 6

03. Use BuiltWith

If you want a massive list of Shopify stores from all around the world, BuiltWith has a vast downloadable list for that. You can find not only Shopify websites, but stores from other ecommerce platforms as well. More inspiration from different ecommerce platforms and understand the customization possibilities.

Use BuiltWith to find website examples - image 1

In the search bar, simply type “Shopify” and click on Lookup to start the search.

Use BuiltWith to find website examples - image 2

In the results page, you’ll see a bunch of results that are related to Shopify. At the top of the list are a collection of Shopify website examples and Shopify Plus website examples.

Say you click on the “Shopify” result, you’ll be redirected to a page containing a list of thousands of Shopify stores.

Use BuiltWith to find website examples - image 3

Additionally, if you scroll down the page, you can sort out the resulting stores based on the countries where they operate.

Use BuiltWith to find website examples - image 4

Moreover, you get access to special reports based on several criteria such as shipping destinations, currencies, and the number of products listed on each store

Amongst the different methods in finding Shopify store samples, BuiltWith is the easiest one to use in this list.

04. Woorank Tool Checker Method

The fourth tool in our list is WooRank Index. You can access it by typing this URL:

Here, you can easily narrow down the list to Shopify stores by clicking on the Shopify button.

Use WooRank to find website examples - image 1

But if you want to be more specific with your research, you can use the filters that they have.

Use WooRank to find website examples - image 2

The one thing that we like most about WooRank Index is that you can filter search results based on their countries. In the filters section, select Shopify under Technologies, and in the Countries field, choose a country that you want.

The resulting stores in the image above are now stores that are based in Singapore.

When you use this web app, keep in mind that sometimes you might find outdated results which means that the store is no longer available. But in general, it fits our initial goal with Shopify store examples in Singapore.

Bonus #1: Identify The Theme Of A Shopify Store

If you find a store that suits your interest, the first thing that you might want to know is the theme that it uses. After all, the overall feel of a Shopify store is attributable to the theme that it uses.

For that, you can install a chrome extension called Shopify Theme Detector by PageFly Extension.

Use PageFly to Find Shopify website examples - image 1

Simply install it in your Chrome browser and you can click it anytime you want to use it.

Use PageFly to Find Shopify website examples - image 2

In the image above, we clicked the theme checker extension to identify what Shopify theme Kalifano is using. After a few seconds, we figured out that it’s using a Prestige theme.

Now, let’s try it on other stores:

Use PageFly to Find Shopify website examples - image 3

Let’s take the Wall Encyclopedia’s online store. In their homepage (or in any page of a Shopify site), click on the theme detector extension on your browser and it will automatically read the website code to identify the theme that it’s using.

As you can see, our tool detected that this online store is using the Symmetry theme from Shopify.

The extension does not only work on existing Shopify themes. It can also detect if a store is using a modified theme or a theme from a third-party developer.

Use PageFly to Find Shopify website examples - image 4

In this example, you’ll see that the theme detector has figured out that Steve Madden is using the Wishlist theme from another developer.

Lastly, our theme detector tool can also be used to identify if a store uses the Shopify platform or not.

In a website, click the chrome extension tool. If it uses Shopify, it will identify the theme that it uses. If not, it will say that “This store is not powered by Shopify.”

Use PageFly to Find Shopify website examples - image 5

Pretty smart, huh?

Read more about our PageFly’s Shopify Theme Detector in this article: Shopify Theme Detector by PageFly

Bonus #2: Use Store Leads To Gain Insights To The Bigger Picture

If you are planning to launch your online business, the best thing that you should do first is to conduct a market research.

Store Leads is a good starting point if you want to gain insights about Shopify in terms of trends and numbers.

Use this URL to access their report:

Use Store Leads To Gain Insights To The Bigger Picture - image 1

This website provides statistical data regarding the different facets of Shopify – including its overall growth, top categories, countries, most-used apps, and more. You can also find the top-ranking Shopify stores in this report.

So let’s say you aren’t sure about what type of product you’d sell, you can see the top categories here.

Use Store Leads To Gain Insights To The Bigger Picture - image 2

This shows that the top category in Shopify is the apparel industry followed by home & garden, and so on.

You can even gain a deeper insight in these categories by clicking on them. For example, in the apparel industry:

Use Store Leads To Gain Insights To The Bigger Picture - image 3

When you click that category, you will be redirected to yet another page providing a deeper level of data about it.

Therefore, if you want to be very sure about the industry that you want to try, we advise you to take a look at this store to get to know your target market at a deeper level.

We’re Not Done Yet… More Shopify Site Examples

We have collected the list of 100 best Shopify stores in different industries for your convenience. For each Shopify store you can find the link directly to the home, product, collection and about us pages. You can also check out these shop name ideas to get some inspiration. These pages are the backbone of any ecommerce businesses with the mindset to build the brand and long-term investment.

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That’s It! Best Of Luck With Your New Business

We hope that these successful Shopify stores inspired you to launch your own unique website.

The good thing about Shopify is that you can create a stunning website right off the bat because of the wide range of themes available for use. The platform itself is beginner-friendly. But of course, there’s still a learning curve required to get the hang of it.

Be that as it may, since Shopify is amongst the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, you’ll find thousands of articles (and videos) about anything that you want to learn about.

PageFly also has hundreds of articles about all things Shopify. So feel free to browse any time.

Best of luck with your new business!

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