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PageFly 3.30.0: New In App Update, Minta Automated Video, Enorm Image Gallery + Video Integration

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The latest version of PageFly, version 3.30.0, was released on March 9th, 2023. This version brings promising and exciting new features and enhancements to the platform. 

The release of this version contains information about accessing our Free Page Review Program. In addition to that, the integration with Minta Automated Video and Enorm Image Gallery + Video will make your Shopify store even more dynamic and powerful, increasing the potential growth for conversion rates. 

Let's dive right into each feature!

Free Page Review Program

If you are a PageFly merchant, you will be delighted to know that we are offering a Free Page Review Program. This program was designed to help merchants review their pages and provide valuable feedback from our experienced team, which helps to optimize your website for better conversion and sales. 

When you see a pop-up promoting this opportunity in the PageFly dashboard, simply click the “Get Feedback" button and you will be directed to our Live Chat support with a predefined message for you to send us. Our supporters will then instruct you on the next steps. You can also find information about this Free Service from a small card on the column right of the dashboard. 

PageFly free page review program

Even if you are in the PageFly editor building your page, you can still access this feature by clicking on the small pop-up box on the right corner of the page editor, which will also take you to our Live Chat support. 

With the Free Page Review Program, we can help you take your store to the next level and help you achieve your ultimate goal. 

New Third Party Apps Integration

Great news for PageFly users! PageFly’s latest version 3.30.0 includes integration with 2 new third party apps, which are Minta Automated Video and Enorm Image Gallery + Video. Our focus on visualization in this new version allows you more opportunities to customize your page with more images and videos, letting your customers get to know your products better.

Minta Automated Video 

Minta Automated Video is a cutting-edge video creation tool that enables merchants to quickly create high-quality video content in a nick of time. Merchants can rapidly create captivating videos out of their content with Minta, which makes them ideal for social media, advertising campaigns, and other promotional materials. 

Businesses can produce aesthetically attractive content that increases engagement and conversions while saving time and money with Minta. Whether you're a small business owner or a marketing expert, this tool is the perfect solution for your video creation needs.

Minta Automated Video

To use the app, simply enable it in PageFly, then drag and drop it into the page editor. You should set up all necessary information within the app before using it in PageFly. 

Discover more about Minta Automated Video here.

Enorm Image Gallery + Video

Are you having a hard time creating image and video galleries? Then this is the app for you. With Enorm, you can quickly create stunning image and video galleries that portrait the finest details of your products and give your own customers amazing visual experiences while browsing your page. 

Enorm Image Gallery Video

Simply upload all your images and videos to the app, then enable this app in PageFly. Then drop the element into the page editor and start enjoying the best of Enorm. Be noted that this app can be used on all page types in PageFly.

enorm app

Find out more about Enorm Image Gallery + Video right here.

Having questions while using PageFly? Hit the “Chat Support” button in the left corner of your page, send an inquiry and get help from our supporters. 

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