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PageFly 4.4.0: Boost Sales and Elevate Brand Trust with New App Integrations

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Hey there! We're thrilled to announce the release of PageFly Version 4.4.0 on August 24th, 2023. With this update, over 180,000+ Shopify stores now have immediate access right within the PageFly editor. This version includes integration with two new apps: Helpful Product Reviews App and Rebolt Bundle Products.

What can they do for you? They offer valuable tools for driving your sales and building brand credibility. With the Helpful Product Reviews App, you can send personalized review requests to build trust among your customers. Rebolt Bundle Products helps you store and increase average order values by offering bundle options.

Let’s dive in!


Integrate with Helpful Product Reviews App

HelpfulCrowd is a Shopify app that helps your store automatically collect reviews through personalized review requests after each purchase. This app enables you to gather customer feedback from past orders and import reviews from other apps or AliExpress.

PageFly integrates with Helpful Product Reviews App

Additionally, you can customize reviews with 36+ custom layout widget options and drive more traffic from Google search and social channels. The app also offers additional features such as Q&A, upselling and cross-selling tools, and repeat sales.

HelpfulCrowd is free to install and offers possibilities that can help your business build credibility and skyrocket sales.

Check out How to use Helpful Product Reviews App in Third-Party Elements with PageFly 4.4.0

Integrate with Rebolt Bundle Product Discount

Rebolt is a Shopify app that can help your store increase its average order value (AOV) through unlimited bundles, volume discounts, and various other bundle options. You can effortlessly pair popular products together and offer discounts to customers who purchase these bundled products.

There are available bundle types including “frequently bought together”, quantity/volume discounts, and product bundles for you to choose from. You can showcase your bundles on various pages, including the homepage, product pages, cart, and other regular pages

PageFly Integrates with Rebolt Bundle Product Discount

Feel free to customize the bundle widget to perfectly match your store’s style. The app has now been integrated into PageFly, with many features waiting for you to explore.

Check out How to use Rebolt Bundle Product Discount in Third-Party Elements with PageFly 4.4.0 

If you need additional assistance about how to use these apps on PageFly, please leave us a message via our 24/7 live chat.

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