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PageFly 4.3.0: Elevate Customer Experience with New Third-Party Features

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Hey there! We've just launched PageFly ver 4.3.0 on August 10th, 2023. Remember our last version? Over 180,000+ Shopify stores now can access it. With this new version, we're enhancing app integration.

What's new? We've added the cool CheckMate referral feature. Plus, we've integration with Upload-Lift for image uploads and Expo for extra product options. These updates are set to make your Shopify store even better and boost your sales.

Ready to see what's inside? Jump in and explore the future of online shopping!


Integration with New Third-party Apps

Integrate with Expo Extra Product Options

EXPO - Extra Product Options is an app for Shopify that enables you to create products with unlimited customization options. With this app, you can add over 100 additional product options for selling custom-made items, such as printable products and engraved items. 

Integrate with Expo Extra Product Options 

It also provides features like filterable conditional display and unlimited option sets and custom fields to help customers find their unique product variant. The app is compatible with many translation apps and can automatically convert prices and fees into local currencies, helping to increase your global sales.

You can find EXPO in third-party element from PageFly 4.3.0

How to intergrate EXPO 

Integrate with Upload‑Lift Image Upload

Upload-Lift Image Upload is a Shopify app that enables customers to upload files directly on the Product, Contact, Cart, and Order Status page. It is easy to set up and does not require any theme modifications. 

Integrate with Upload‑Lift Image Upload 

The app allows you to configure the allowed file types and includes an image editor that lets customers crop images in your desired format. It supports fast upload of large files up to 5GB in size and any file type is supported. 

The app also offers an advanced image editor extension that supports cropping, shapes, filters, and text editor. The convert extension supports converting advanced file formats into images that can be edited in the browser.

Check out Lift Image Upload in third-party element from PageFly 4.3.0

How to intergrate Lift Image Upload 

Implement the CheckMate referral in PageFly

CheckMate is a personalized tool that helps smart shoppers find the right products and enjoy online shopping. The CheckMate referral program allows you to refer friends to CheckMate and earn rewards. 


CheckMate is integrated with PageFly for only Shopify Plus merchants. If you want to know more about how to integrate it on PageFly, please message our PageFly Support. We have a 24/7 support service to help you out.

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