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PageFly 4.2.0: Level Up with Multiple New Features Through Diverse Third-Party Integrations

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As of July 18th, the latest PageFly update - PageFly 4.2.0 was unveiled. This new version of PageFly was embedded in Shopify stores of over 140,000 merchants.

With this time’s upgrade, PageFly offers users additional convenient features by including so many new valuable integrations and app updates which will undoubtedly be helpful in improving their stores. New third-party integrations of this time are decently varied in functions ranging from contact form builder to size chart for your product pages and more. 

What are you waiting for? Let's just dive into these new improvements and new integrated apps in this PageFly version because you'll surely find them incredibly useful and applicable right away.


General Improvements on The UX/UI of PageFly 4.2.0

Unlike previous 3.0 versions or any older ones, the dashboard of PageFly 4.2.0 is no longer opened in a new window. Instead, it’s embedded directly within the Shopify Dashboard. This improvement has enhanced the app's loading speed and provided customers with a seamless experience.

Integration with Google Analytics 4

One of the remarkable things is that PageFly has now moved data to Google Analytics 4, enabling users to monitor their website's performance and make informed decisions to foster business growth based on the gathered insights.

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4

Media Manager Update

New version stores Media Manager and PageFly Assets within Shopify's API files which helps enhance media management, security, and website performance. Therefore, asset storage is safer with a lower risk of unintentional deletion. Plus, Media Manager's relocation also facilitates a more efficient workflow so that users needn’t to access it via the Editor page.

Media Manager and PageFly Assets

UI Improvements

Last but not least, the UI and layouts of the app have also undergone some optimization changes to better suit the usage needs of the majority of PageFly customers. The design of this version of PageFly has been unified with the Shopify native design. 

PageFly dashboard

PageFly's carefully crafted new design in the signature green color aims to enhance user experience and establish a consistent Shopify native look, making it more accessible and familiar to all users.

9 New Third-Party Integrations

VolumeBoost - Volume Discount by HulkApps

VolumeBoost - Volume Discount

The “VolumeBoost - Volume Discounts” app can assist you in easily running discounted price campaigns with different types of discounts. Additionally, it also lets you insert cart-saving messages and import/export offers.

With this integrated app, you will be able to boost your average order value and align pricing effortlessly. It can be said that “VolumeBoost - Volume Discount” is truly an ideal choice for those who are in need of finding a tool to reward loyal customers with special discounts, attract new ones, or set up wholesale prices for their online stores. 

In order to use this app in the PageFly app, you simply need to enable it and then drag and drop the element to the place you want.

VolumeBoost - Volume Discount

qikify Contact Us Form Builder by qikify

qikify Contact Us Form Builder

Understanding customers and enhancing customer service are always the top priorities for online stores nowadays. This qikify app will help you to personalize forms with a variety of fields like text field, checkbox, or dropdown, in order to collect any information, whether it's for surveys, contact inquiries, and more. 

Furthermore, it can not only enable you to store and manage submissions from customers but also use Google reCaptcha to provide protection against spam. 

However, kindly consider that PageFly 4.2.0 only supports the embed form feature from qikify Contact Us Form Builder even though the app offers two other types of display forms which are popup and bubble.

If you want to activate qikify Contact Us Form Builder in the PageFly app, just switch on the app and drag the element to wherever you want it.

qikify Contact Us Form Builder

Notify Me! Back in Stock Alert by Hengam

Notify Me! Back in Stock Alert

The "Notify Me! Back in Stock Alert" app helps you create waitlists and recover lost sales by sending automatic notifications to your customers when products are back in stock. The app offers a user-friendly and no-code setup for sending automatic notifications via text, email, and push messages. Plus, it also offers reports about lost sales and revenue recovered.

To generate interest and demand from customers on the notification function, all you need to do is simply add the "Notify me" widget to your product, home, and collection pages.

Using this tool in the PageFly app is straightforward, please activate the app and reposition the element to the location of your choice via dragging and dropping.

Notify Me! Back in Stock Alert

Appstle Memberships by Appstle Inc.

Appstle Memberships

Appstle Memberships provides merchants with top-tier membership features in e-commerce and offers a user-friendly plan setup, automatic billing, and many other advantages. This app also partners with global e-commerce giants such as Universal Audio and Pela Earth to deliver top-notch membership experiences quickly.

All you need to do to make use of Appstle Memberships in PageFly 4.2.0 is to turn the app on and drag the element to the location you desire.

Appstle Memberships

Essential Countdown Timer Bar by Essential App

Essential Countdown Timer Bar

This simple tool can aid you in utilizing urgency to enhance your sales!

You can increase your sales by placing a countdown timer bar provided by Essential App on various pages like product pages, landing pages, and even cart pages. This feature will more or less create a sense of urgency and fear of missing out (FOMO) in potential buyers, encouraging them to make a purchase. 

Whenever you have holiday sales, flash sales, pre-orders, or any other promotional campaign, don’t forget to consider using the Essential Countdown Timer Bar.

For using the Essential Countdown Timer Bar inside the PageFly app, just get the app running and then transport the element to the spot you want by dragging and dropping.

Essential Countdown Timer Bar

Attrac Announcement Bar Banner by AppHero

Attrac Announcement Bar Banner

This is an all-in-one marketing tool that gets rid of the need for multiple apps. All in a single application It provides diverse campaign abilities such as urgency countdowns, email capture forms, and promotional offers.

Plus, It's also easy to construct, customize, and integrate well with your preferred email marketing apps. Thus, that can help you with an amazing solution to boost customer engagement and increase sales.

Simply enable Attrac Announcement Bar Banner then drag and drop the preferred banner to the required location and you'll be able to use this tool in the PageFly app.

Attrac Announcement Bar Banner

Releasit COD Form & Upsells by Releasit

Releasit COD Form & Upsells

Releasit can help simplify the purchasing process for your customers by offering a one-click Cash on Delivery (COD) option that bypasses Shopify's complex checkout. In addition, its user-friendly form builder allows for customized order forms and supports native upsells as well as quantity offers to raise your average order value. 

Other than monitoring Google, this tool may also provide easy tracking of events and conversions on social media platforms like Facebook or TikTok if you have a streamlined multi-channel business.

Activating this app and then dragging and dropping the element where you wish is all that's needed to utilize this tool in the PageFly app.

Releasit COD Form & Upsells

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks by Kaching Appz

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

Similar to other apps with the same function, this easy-to-use bundle discount app can support you in elevating your sales. Yet, with this versatile app, you can freely set volume discounts on chosen products or collections in percentage, currency amount, or a specific price and personalize the style to complement your store's design.

Similar to many other integrated apps, making Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks functional in the PageFly app is as simple as enabling the app and dragging the chosen bundle style to the desired spot.

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

Clean Size Charts by TaskHusky

Clean Size Charts

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to promptly have a size chart on the page to best suit your design without coding? Clean Size Charts by TaskHusky must be an ideal tool for your online fashion store. 

With this tool, you can choose from 18 preset styles or design your own including images and layout adjustments. What's even more special is all the charts provided are optimized for both desktop and mobile views. So, why not enable this third-party integration right now to try using it in the PageFly app?

Please also check out our manual for more.

Clean Size Charts

Isn't it quite an impressive version update? Don't hesitate, just go ahead and check out our PageFly 4.2.0 right now as well as all the new third-party integrations mentioned above if possible. 

The PageFly support team will be available 24/7 by your side whenever you need assistance with any issues related to the app as well as information about this PageFly update.

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