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Top 10 Print On Demand Shopify Apps to Launch your POD Business

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New to the booming world of print on demand? You’re in for an exciting journey ahead!

After nailing down a design, or even before that, you’ll want to find the perfect app to take your artistic dream into eCommerce reality.

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Here at PageFly, we’ve tried and tested the top 10 Shopify print on demand apps for your benefit, including:

  • Printify
  • Podbase
  • Printful 
  • T-Pop
  • Creativehub
  • Gelato
  • SPOD
  • Teelaunch
  • Printy6
  • Fuel

Read on to find your Shopify companion to start selling Print On Demand Products today! 

Let’s not beat around the bush; let’s get straight into it.

Here are 10 of the best apps that you can set up and start using on your online store for free. Each of these apps was personally tested by us and these are our honest reviews.

And if you’re looking for more info on POD, the PageFly Academy has you covered with the Ultimate Guide to Print on Demand.

#1 - Printify

4.8 / 5 Stars from 4,800+ reviews

At first glance, it may be hard to tell the difference between Printful and its main competitor, Printify. Not just because of the name, but also the general layout and design of this top print on demand Shopify app.

Printify app

There are however, some key differences when you delve a little deeper. One of these is the product design feature, which is slightly less intuitive than Printful, but has some easy-to-use mock-up generator..

Another is the fact that Printify uses ‘print providers’, which are printing partners it works with in over 90 countries. This slashes delivery times and gives store owners heaps of options when it comes to making their products.

Key Features and Pros

  • Print provider info - Users know exactly who they’re printing with via comprehensive data that comes with every product you choose to design with. You can see the price, available sizes, colours, production and shipping times, and much more.
  • Large product library - 250 available products is around the same amount as Printful, but Printify excels in offering thorough information about each product. Everything is well laid-out and clear, and all of it is information you can pass onto the customers of your own store.
  • Readable help archive - Text articles in a well-written blog help beginners get started and more advanced users progress their business. Lacks video tutorials, however.
  • Available across many stores - If you’re running multiple Shopify stores, you can use Printify for free for 5 of them. If you own more than 5, you’ll have to pay, but at $29 per month, it’s a very cheap app to own.


  • Questionable customer service - Bad reviews of Printify’s unhelpful customer service have marred this great print on demand Shopify app and turned many of its users to its competitors. There is in-app live chat, but they state that their usual reply time is ‘a few hours’, which is poor for a top-level app.

Customer Support 

Printify has a nice help center to walk you through its basic settings and functionalities, however it does not provide Chat support. 
Printify support

Our Verdict

Our experience of Printify is in parallel to most other people who try it: it’s very good, but it’s just not Printful. In the battle for the best print on demand Shopify app, Printify wins a few battles on the fronts of shipping and pricing per order, but its more basic interface, absence of video guides and poorly rated customer service leave it forever in the shadow of its competitor. 

#2 - Podbase: Print on demand

4.9/ 5 stars from 50+ reviews

Looking for an effortless way to launch custom phone cases and tech accessories? Meet Podbase! Their simple-to-use solution offers a seamless pathway to bring your designs to life. With just a few clicks, an innovative 3D mock-up generator allows you to visualize and create flawless products.

Their Easy to navigate system and ease of use, make it a perfect partner. But don’t get fooled by their simplicity, as their products are top-notch and product models are extensive.



Key Features and Pros

  • Sublimination and UV - offer “full wrap” phone cases as well, as flat surface printing.
  • Consistent printing quality - with everything located in one place, you can be sure you will get consistent product quality. 
  • 100+ Phone case models - the highest Phone case model selection we saw!
  • Test product - get a 30 EUR voucher to test their products
  • Responsive support - you can book a free 1-1 call with their team and they are happy to share their experience.
  • 3D mock-ups - High-quality and unique 3D mock-ups for your business to use.


  • Location & product range - their product range is limited and shipping to remote locations can take longer.

Customer Support

Podbase provides live chat support. You can also book 1-1 on calls with their team. 

Our Verdict

Podbase is the go-to for custom tech gear. With their 3D mock-up generator, making your phone's style pop is just a few clicks away. Simple, fun, and uniquely you - that's Podbase!

#3 - Printful

4.7/ 5 stars from 5,700+ reviews

Printful app


Printful’s slogan claims the app to be so much more than printing. With the amount of features they offer, we can’t do anything but agree.

Printful have sent over 23 million products since 2013 and have thus built an incredible arsenal of features centred around its community of users.

The app is super intuitive and offers you so much flexibility in placing, testing and eventually stocking your design. No wonder it’s considered the king of  print on demand apps.

Start a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month
Trusted by over 2,000,000 businesses worldwide

Key Features and Pros

  • Both printing and embroidery - Printful gives you the option of a printed or embroidered version of your design, placed where you want it on clothing.
  • Warehouses in the US and EU - Store your printed merch in Printful’s US and EU warehouses, meaning an order by 12pm can be shipped the same day. They also have partner facilities in Japan and Australia to help you with your global selling. 
  • Test product - Order a test product for 20% less to try it out before you stick it up in your store.
  • In-app video support and guides - Fantastic resources for beginners, who can learn the ropes of Shopify print on demand through great multimedia.
  • Printful challenges - A wonderful way to spur your motivation: Printful challenges are badges and perks you can earn for completing tasks.
  • Analytics - Clearly laid-out stats help you get a better idea of what you’re doing right and where to align your goals in the future. 

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  • Pricing - The app is free to use, but Printful makes its money on each of your products. It’s not totally clear exactly how much you will make from each order, as profits depend on the item type, material, location and the currency being used.  

Customer Support

Printful provides a 24/7 chat support, accompanied with a huge library of tutorial videos and guides. 

Printful Support

Our Verdict

Absolutely one of the top dogs of the print on demand Shopify world. Printful is fantastic for beginners looking to get into POD as it offers a wealth of help along the way. Even if you don’t have a design idea, Printful helps you make one and put it on any of a huge variety of over 250 products.

Want to delve deeper? Check out our intensely detailed review of Printful, including feature reviews and success stories.

#4 - T-Pop

4.6 / 5 stars from ~240+ reviews

A new print on demand Shopify app with a forward-looking idea. T-Pop proudly boasts its eco-friendly credentials, from 100% organic cotton to 0% plastic packaging. Almost everything T-Pop does is vegan-friendly and its printing process uses ecological ink.

T-pop app

It’s not just the operations that are green. Green is just one of a huge amount of colours across all of T-Pop’s products, and the variety is more impressive than in most other Shopify print on demand apps.

Key Features and Pros

  • Free plan - No extra payments. T-pop takes a decent chunk of every sale, but that’s standard for an app like this. All prices are super clear.
  • Ecological - The biggest selling point for eco-friendly Shopify stores and their customers is T-Pop’s green operations. Super important in the future of eCommerce.
  • Great colour variety - Step away from white, cream and black shirts. T-pop has got an amazing amount of colours to choose from.
  • Good guide - Great help for beginners looking to get started in POD. 


  • Limited design features - Placement of your design is quite restricted. You can’t always place it exactly where you want and are limited to front and back.
  • Centred in France - One warehouse in one country can be a bit restricting. However shipping times, even to far away countries, are clear and surprisingly fast.

Customer Support 

T-pop does provide both Help Center, Email and Chat Support, however it's not 24/7 live chat support so Shopify merchants who are in different time zones can be disadvantaged. 

T-pod support

Our Verdict

We love apps that do something different and T-Pop is definitely one of those. If you’re just looking to make simple designs for cheap, and with a tiny ecological footprint, this is definitely one of the best print on demand Shopify apps for you!

Start a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month
Trusted by over 2,000,000 businesses worldwide

#5 - Creativehub

3.7 / 5 stars from 80+ reviews

What if it’s not clothing you’re selling? What if it’s art? Well, Creativehub and its award-winning art printing has you covered.


Creativehub works in much the same way as other Shopify print on demand apps. Simply upload a design, choose your materials and borders, then upload the product to your store.

This app is simple, but it works wonderfully well at what it does.

Key Features and Pros

  • Easy to use features - Art prints in general are easier to design than clothing and houseware. Because of this, Creativehub is super easy to use and you can set up designs within minutes.
  • Clear information - A table lets you know exactly how much printing and shipping will cost, as well as how much profit you can expect. Customers can see a great mockup of how it will look in a home.
  • Help with organising limited editions - Creativehub can print limited edition art prints and arrange for them to be delivered with branding and artist signature.


  • Not much that we can find! It’s a simple app, but it does everything very well.

Customer Support

CreativeHub has a help center but they don't provide In-app chat support. You can chat with a support agent when you're in the Help Center. 


Our Verdict

A wonderful way to sell art online. If you have good designs or photography to sell, there’s virtually no downside to using Creativehub and other art printing apps. The app is free, so there’s no way for you to lose out on money, and everything to gain if your prints sell well.

#6 - Gelato

4.8 / 5 stars from 500+ reviews

Galeto app

Gelato is a newcomer in the world of POD, but it’s making waves with its killer design and professional service.

It offers lots of design assistance when it comes to creating a product and a staggering amount of colours to choose from outside of the standard white and black.

Key Features and Pros

  • Beautiful design and layout - Gelato offers something quite different in the very samey world of Shopify’s print on demand apps. Its layout is beautifully designed and navigation is a breeze.
  • Great analytics - A nice part of the Gelato dashboard is its large analytics section. There are a wide range of in-depth metrics that other POD apps simply don’t have.
  • Wonderful design features - Super easy to use, lots of customisable options and a lot of preset help for newbie printers.


  • Arduous sign-up process - Hard to experiment with the app. You’ll have to register, verify your email and then sign up some more just to have a look at what Gelato offers.

Customer Support

Galeto provides both email support and 24/7 chat support. They also have a Feedback center so that you can submit any complaint (or compliment) directly to the Galeto team. 

Galeto support

Our Verdict

Big kudos to Gelato for making something that stands out amongst the monotony of copy-and-paste apps in the POD niche. The layout is beautiful and the app helps you from start to finish with excellent design features and the metrics you need to scale your POD business.

#7 - SPOD

4.1 / 5 stars from 700+ reviews

Spod Print on Demand apps

No one really knows what the ‘S’ in SPOD stands for, but it doesn’t really matter. The main talking point around this print on demand Shopify app is its big promise of 48-hour shipping.

They also claim not to ‘beat around the bush’ regarding shipping price and speed, but things aren’t as simple as they profess.

Still, rapid delivery is not the only reason that store owners use SPOD. Their impressive library of 200+ icons helps beginners get started even without a design of their own.

Key Features and Pros

  • 48-hour shipping - SPOD assures users that 95% of deliveries are made within 48 hours of order placement. However, it’s not entirely clear why there are ‘standard’, ‘premium’ and ‘express’ delivery options, what the costs are and which one promises 48-hour delivery. Not many complaints in the reviews, though.
  • 50,000+ free icons - Newbies without a design would definitely benefit from SPOD’s huge library of icons. They span pretty much everything you can think of and there is a good variety of text fonts to choose from, too.
  • Good help library - An introduction video, a ‘playbook’ of blogs and guides and an FAQ section are everything the average POD newcomer needs.


  • Unclear policies - Shipping costs and guarantees could be clearer.
  • Uninspiring app design - The dashboard and design features could use a touch of colour, but there’s nothing wrong with the layout.

Customer Support

Spod does not have in-app chat support, however, they have nicely designed on-boarding tour, with detailed video tutorials and FAQ.

Spod Support

Our Verdict

SPOD gets decent reviews and offers a decent service, but there are definite improvements it could make. As far as print on demand Shopify apps go, it is possibly one of the best for beginners, especially those without designs. Yet, the 50,000+ icons could encourage lazy designing and poor quality products.


#8 - Teelaunch

4.3 / 5 stars from 600+ reviews

Despite being named after the quintessential t-shirt, Teelaunch’s slogan is ‘print on demand products you've never seen before.

Teelaunch app

It’s true that this top quality app sells some out of the box stuff; jewellery boxes, air fresheners and even bluetooth speakers being some of them.

Teelaunch also claims to maximise your profits by minimising the costs that it takes per order.

Key Features and Pros

  • Unique products - An excellent library of products to choose from, with the possibility to branch out with your design by putting it on electronics, wall art and even decorative crystals.
  • Capability for high demand - Teelaunch claims to have ‘over 170,000 feet of print on demand production facilities all over the world’. We didn’t know you could measure production facilities in feet! Still, the message is clear, your bulk orders will never overrun their system.
  • Etsy integration - In case you want to branch out from Shopify in the future.
  • Mobile friendly - Even if you have to edit your products and manage your orders on the move, Teelaunch has you covered.


  • Mandatory sign-up - It’s not possible to play around with Teelaunch like it is with other print on demand Shopify apps. You have to create an account and even put in your full card details before you can start experimenting.
  • Poorly designed dashboard - In fact, it’s not really a dashboard at all, it’s more of a wall of news that assaults the eye upon loading.

Customer Support

Similar to other POD Shopify Apps, Teelaunch provides you with a Help Center and a contact form where you can send Support Ticket to Teelaunch's support team. 

Tee Launch support

Our Verdict

Teelaunch offers a comprehensive service with good flexibility. If you’ve got a lot of orders or need to edit on mobile, this is a good app for you. Site navigation and ability to explore is pretty limited, so you have to be sure that it has what you’re looking for before you put in those card details.

#9 - Printy6

4.1 / 5 stars from 600+ reviews

Printy6 app

When you get down to number 9, you might begin to realise that 10 apps are probably too many to consider.

That’s because Printy6, while a good app, doesn’t offer much different from its competitors. It’s got nice design features and mock-ups, but it’s hard to find anything that really stands out.

Key Features and Pros

  • Clear layout - Crisp and clear in the layout. Nothing overly complicated and you can find everything you need easily enough.
  • Good design features - Self-explanatory process when it comes to designing a product. The real life mock-ups are highly realistic and clearly show how your product will look.


  • Run-of-the-mill products - Products are decent quality but very boring to look at. Everything is pristine white or sleek black and basically nothing else.
  • Limited help centre - FAQs and shipping information can be helpful, but lacks the blogs and guides of other apps.


Similar to other POD apps, Printy6 also has a help center to help you with the basic questions. 


Our Verdict

It’s the design features of Printy6 that are probably its best feature. It’s easy to create a product, which makes the lack of any guiding blogs and articles seem less of a hindrance. The product library is pretty uninspiring, though, so it’s unlikely you’ll be making anything truly unique with this app.

#10 - Fuel

4.3 / 5 stars from ~270+ reviews

Finally, we come to Fuel, another of the top-rated POD apps that somewhat lives up to the billing.


For super simple designs, Fuel might be worth a shout, but with so many other POD apps available, you don’t need to dive this far down the list.

Key Features and Pros

  • Promotional prices - For the first 30 days or 50 orders. If you’re looking to test the waters of POD with super low investment, Fuel might be a good start.
  • Fast shipping in the U.S - Delivery to any U.S state in 3 days on average, but international shipping time is about 6 weeks.


  • Poor design features - Super basic design features with no placement, text or layout help.
  • Terrible layout - Awful element placement makes Fuel hard to use and the dashboard looks like it was a direct copy-and-paste job from another POD app.

Our Verdict

Unfortunately, there are more negatives than positives to say about Fuel. It’s pretty buggy, difficult to use and too simple in its offerings. The only reason you might choose Fuel over any other print on demand Shopify app is for its enticing introductory offer.

If you want to make Print on Demand business better on Shopify, there’s a big need for excellent inventory management that help you to know what products you have, what’s in your warehouse. 

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