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Best Shopify Themes With Blog To Improve Your Content Marketing

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Shopify themes with blog capabilities offer flexibility in your content marketing strategy. That’s because blog posts are still potent marketing tools to raise brand awareness and attract potential customers to your online store.

According to HubSpot, businesses that have a blog – and regularly update it – see as many as 55% more visitors to their website than those that don’t. According to DemandCentric, companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads monthly than companies that don’t blog.

For 60% of customers, blog posts are valuable when they are in the early stages of the buying journey (Demand Gen Report).

That’s why if you want to improve your marketing strategy and cement your name as a credible brand in your niche, blogging is still the way to go.

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In this article, let us talk about the best Shopify blog themes that you can use for your online store.

How Do Shopify Themes With Blog Help Boost Sales?

How does a Shopify blog theme help boost sales?

In general, content marketing is a strategic approach that focuses on creating and publishing relevant and useful content, such as blog posts, to attract and engage a specific target audience.

In e-commerce, delivering high-quality blog posts can help your brand show its expertise in its industry.

When paired with an effective SEO strategy, your blog posts can help you drive organic traffic to boost your sales conversion.

Let us briefly talk about some of the benefits of having blog posts in your content marketing strategy:

  • Increases brand awareness: Blog posts open up the brand to a wider audience, helping potential customers to recognize it.
  • Establishes industry expertise: By sharing helpful and valuable information, blog posts establish the brand as a credible source within its niche.
  • Drives more organic traffic: Relevant blogs boost search engine visibility, thereby attracting more organic visitors to your ecommerce website.
  • Increases sales: Well-crafted blogs can help persuade your readers to explore your products, leading to more conversions.
  • Promotes brand loyalty: Consistently providing valuable content could help your brand to foster trust amongst your customers. This encourages repeat purchases and word-of-mouth referrals

Best Shopify Themes For Blogging

01. Blum - “Solie” Theme Style

Blum Shopify blog theme

Price: $170

User reviews: 100% positive (20+ reviews)

Blum theme is one of the most affordable themes in the Shopify theme store. But despite its inexpensive $170 price tag, Blum is packed with in-built marketing features.

Furthermore, it is amongst the most unique themes in the Shopify store as it features clickable parallax scrolling text to make your promotions pop up.

Out of all its four theme styles, we particularly like Solie theme style’s blog template as it portrays a balanced spacing between text and images. The typography mixes well with the bold red color as well.

Whether you’re viewing it from a desktop or from a mobile device, Blum is a well-proportioned theme that you wouldn’t want to skip.

02. Broadcast - “Modern” Theme Style

Broadcast - “Modern” Theme Style

Price: $360

User reviews: 94% positive (200+ reviews)

If you are looking for a theme with an obvious focus on imagery and visual storytelling, you should consider checking the Broadcast theme.

Priced at $360, it’s not inexpensive. However, it is loaded with in-built marketing features so you don’t need to pay extra for apps.

Its focus on imagery is extended in its blog layouts. This will be very advantageous for you if you are using your product photo as your featured image in your blog – making your product pop out.

Sprinkle some more photos, add product recommendations, or a newsletter subscription form, everything is possible in this theme. So you might want to check it out.

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03. Boost - “Spark” Theme Style

Boost Shopify blog theme

Price: $320

User reviews: 88% positive (60+ reviews)

If there are unique themes, Boost’s Spark theme style sets itself apart from this list by being the quirkiest one.

The theme has an air of youth and playfulness in it as evidenced by its pastel colors. This is then supported by rounded typography and also rounded image blocks.

In its blog post page, Spark uses parallax scrolling (although not shown in the image above) for its list of blogs – making it more interacting.

Furthermore, merchants can add product or promotional videos right on the blog post page – thereby adding points to its visual storytelling attributes.

Budget-Friendly Premium Theme
Blum equips your store with premium features like blazing-fast speed and mobile-first design, all at an affordable price.

04. Atlantic - “Plush” Theme Style

Atlantic Shopify blog theme

Price: $280

User reviews: 97% positive (200+ reviews)

If the other Shopify blog themes in this list are more like “in your face” with their design elements, Atlantic’s Plush theme style has a more subdued approach to visual storytelling.

Atlantic’s blog post page focuses on showcasing the blogs one by one instead of listing them as a grid. This type of styling is best for brands that have a low-profile, chic, or minimalist branding.

The subtlety is scattered throughout the theme. From its use of light colors, these lines, and sans-serif typography.

Be that as it may, Atlantic is actually a popular Shopify blog theme – and its 97% positive review shows that it is a good one.

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05. Cascade - “Modern” Theme Style

Cascade Shopify blog theme

Price: $350

User reviews: 100% positive (90+ reviews)

Just like Blum, Cascade gets a 100% positive review from its users. This means that you’re in for a treat if you try this theme.

Cascade’s Modern theme style truly lives up to its name as it is the one with the most modern design approach in this list.

If you’ve been to Apple’s website, one thing that you’d notice first is its parallax homepage – whereas the background scrolls faster than the foreground. Cascade’s Modern theme style has that too.

Visual storytelling is top-level in this theme. Usually, imbalance or lack of symmetry is perceived as unattractive. However, Cascade did a spectacular job of using this as a unique design identity.

The beauty of imbalance extends up to its blog post page, whereas instead of being arranged in a grid or in a line, blog posts are scattered on the screen.

06. Prestige - “Couture” Theme Style

Prestige Shopify blog theme

Price: $380

User reviews: 90% positive (600+ reviews)

The Prestige theme has the largest user base in this list. And garnering 90% positive from such a large user base is no easy feat.

Perhaps its popularity can be attributable to its modern and elegant design that can mix well with practically any type of business category.

For blogging, what stood out for us was its Couture theme style because of its simplicity. The blog post page is a clean canvas of balanced design and square images that are spaced just right.

So if you are looking for a theme that is easy to use and balanced straight from the box, you should try Prestige.

Budget-Friendly Premium Theme
Blum equips your store with premium features like blazing-fast speed and mobile-first design, all at an affordable price.

Bonus: Editions - “Spring” Theme Style

Editions Shopify blog theme

Price: $250

User reviews: 94% positive (70+ reviews)

Here is a bonus theme for you. If you liked Atlantic’s subtlety in design but you want to further dial it down for a more minimalist look, Editions’ Spring theme style is the one for you.

Don’t be fooled by its simplistic beauty, the Editions theme is bang for your buck for its in-built marketing feature, and of course for its clean and uncomplicated design aesthetic.

Free Shopify Themes With Blog

If you are keen on using Shopify for your ecommerce but you don’t want to pay a premium for paid Shopify blog themes, you’d be happy to know that even some of its free themes can be used to publish blog posts.

One thing to note though is that free Shopify blog themes don’t have theme styles in them. On the bright side, you won’t have any difficulties in choosing which one to use.

Here are the best free Shopify blog themes:

01. Ride

Free best Shopify blog themes: Ride

If you like Prestige’s focus on imagery while balancing it with text, the Ride theme is worth considering. It has the necessary marketing features to get you started and it also has the unique design that will make your store look the part.

The Ride theme has an adventurous overall look and feel to it. As such, this theme is best for ecommerce businesses in the Outdoors category.

Having basic blog features, you can create well-curated blog pages in it. And if the contrast between its black and yellow colors is not your jam, you can always customize it in the theme editor.

02. Origin

Free best Shopify blog themes: Origins

Brand storytelling plays a huge part in running a business. After all, if your story sells, your products will follow.

If you are searching for a free Shopify blog theme with excellent orientation towards visual storytelling. Personally, we really liked Origins focus on imagery as it will work great with any brand.

And even if Origin went bold with imagery, it managed to still make it a balanced-looking theme.

03. Publisher

Free best Shopify blog themes: Publisher

The last one on our list of free Shopify blog themes is Publisher. It’s definitely not the least because it has the features to help you create a striking online store.

With basic blog features alongside its striking design, Publisher can be easily mistaken as a custom theme that is made just for your brand.

Must-Have Shopify Blog Apps

Since you want to start a blog on your Shopify store, might as well make your efforts (and expenses, if you pay for writers) pay off. As mentioned above, blog posts are a great marketing tool to attract potential customers.

That is, of course, if you do them right – and if you use the right tools.

Therefore, you might want to consider using some of these tools in your content marketing.

01. Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder

Bloggle Powerful Blog Builder

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (190+ reviews)

Price: Free trial available. Starts at $25 per month

Bloggle is an intuitive application that enables merchants to incorporate customized blog posts into their online stores using their drag-and-drop design.

When used alongside your blogs, Bloggle will allow you to add product galleries and social media share buttons to help increase your product's exposure to your target audience.

Most importantly, Bloggle has an in-built SEO tool which automatically suggests keywords as you write your articles to ensure that your blogs are optimized for search engines.

Key features:

  • Drag-and-drop and no-code editor
  • SEO suggestions
  • Embed products to your blog post
  • Lightweight
  • 24/7 support

02. DropIn Blog - SEO Friendly Blog

DropIn Blog - SEO Friendly Blog

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 (200+ reviews)

Price: Free trial available. Starts at $24 per month.

DropInBlog is an app that instantly replaces the default blog template of your existing theme upon installation. Similar to Bloggle, DropInBlog has an in-built SEO analyzer so that you can get your blog post optimized as you write.

With this app, you can choose the best blog layout that fits your store branding or you can create one yourself.

So if you are not satisfied with your default blog templates, DropInBlog is the way to go.

Key features:

  • SEO analyzer
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Embed shoppable products within the blog post

03. PageFly Landing Page Builder

PageFly Page Builder App

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 (10200+ reviews)

Price: Free to install. Starts at $24 per month

PageFly is a popular Shopify app because it allows merchants to unleash the design capabilities of their Shopify stores.

PageFly has more than one hundred designs including Shopify blog templates that you can plug right into your store. Or if you want to create your own Shopify blog design, this app would allow you to create unique pages with its drag-and-drop design.

So whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can create stunning pages in just a few minutes.

Key features:

  • Unique templates for all types of pages
  • Lightweight
  • No-code drag-and-drop editor
  • Customizable displays for specific devices
  • Compatible with all Shopify themes

How To Start A Blog On Shopify

The process of creating a blog post page on Shopify is a straightforward process and you can do it straight from your store admin.

It includes a two-step process:

  • Creating a blog page – this is where you add a Blog menu to make your blogs visible
  • Writing a blog – this is where you write your first blog and publish it.

For a more detailed instruction on how to start a Shopify blog, here’s a video tutorial for you:

Tip: You can use Shopify Magic to help you write a blog post. Just click the icon, insert your title, and your blog will be ready in a few seconds. You can then adjust the blog to reflect your brand voice, and include your own twist to it.

use Shopify Magic


Blogging is a great way to make your brand visible to your target customers. Compared to other marketing strategies such as running ads and paying for brand ambassadors, blog posts are the most cost-effective. Additionally, they are the ones that have a longer impact in driving organic traffic.

But despite the benefits you’ll gain from posting blogs on your Shopify store, these positive effects can only be enjoyed if you have a blog content strategy in place and if you have applied the best practices of SEO in each one of your blogs.

Lastly, quality is paramount when it comes to writing a blog post. So make sure that you write your blogs with the intent to help your target audience find the answers that you are looking for.

And if you’re ready to publish your very first blog, be sure to check out the Shopify blog themes mentioned above.

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