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Top 8 Best Shopify Themes for Clothing Stores (2024)

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Most of us have experienced online shopping at least once. As customers, the first element that captures our attention on a clothing store's website is its design. This initial impression not only reflects the store's brand image but also influences perceptions of its prestige. For a fashion store, having an aesthetically appealing and trend-setting theme is crucial—it can be the deciding factor in whether customers stay to explore products or leave the site. Imagine a fashion retailer with a lackluster online interface; it hardly inspires confidence in the brand, does it?

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In this article, we're excited to showcase the top 8 Shopify themes for clothing stores, including:

  • Blum 
  • Shella
  • Ella
  • Yanka
  • StyleShop
  • Zeexo
  • Wokiee
  • Lezada

These selections will help you captivate and retain customers on your site. If you're seeking the best options without the hassle of combing through endless choices, or if you're unsure about making a selection from the myriad of available themes, you're in the right place. Continue reading to discover the most exceptional themes for clothing stores. Are you ready to dive in with us? Let's get started! 

I. Understand Shopify Theme 101

1. What Exactly Is Shopify Theme?

Shopify Themes are the templates that merchants use in their eCommerce business. Different themes come up with different layouts and can be used for multi-purposes up to the shop's style and industry. In short, it is the design of your online business and the way customers look and feel about your store on their first impression.

Shopify offers a wide selection of themes with eCommerce features based on domains, from free themes to paid ones, for merchants to experience. For each Shopify store, you can download/save up to 20 themes in your account, of course, it still depends on the themes you might choose.

2. Things To Notice While Looking For Shopify Themes

Picking the right theme is the first step for your business to succeed but among the many options offered by Shopify, each theme is presented with a different UX depending on its design. You may not be able to pick a theme that suits your needs right away. Or as a beginner shop owner, you don't know what criteria are in a theme to be able to compare and choose the appropriate one. So with our own experience, there are a few criteria that we think will make it easier for you to consider the minimum but also important factors to choose the best theme on Shopify:

  • Multiple formats responsive: This will work correctly whether it's desktop browsers, mobile phones, or tablets.
  • Built for speed: The optimized codebase will make your web load fast, and there is no traffic in downloading the theme.
  • Decide on your budget: The price range varies so you can decide how much you want to pay and then find one in your budget.
  • Theme design and aesthetic: The theme can be customized easily to match your brand and the industry you are in and mobile-friendly design
  • Customer support system: Even if you paid a low price, the customer support system is one of the most important factors that you will need because sometimes, there will be bugs or several errors.
  • Theme features provides: After determining the needs of your shop, you can choose the best theme based on the features it provides to see whether it matches your demand.

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3. Why Shopify Theme Matters For An Online Fashion Shop

Using Shopify themes for your shop surely matters to your business's success. It is not only cost-effective but also helps your online store’s optimization in complete control. Take a brief look and you will see some reasons why using Shopify theme is that important for your current page:

  • Define your brand image: The most important image of your brand in customers' eyes is definitely not the logo but the web design. They can totally misjudge your brand once they see the inappropriate or old-fashion theme of your page (They haven't even looked at your logo at first).
  • SEO optimization: Best Shopify theme will increase your sales multiple times with its optimization assessment which will help you edit your content to match your targeted audiences.
  • Customer engagement: The most long-term factors that may retain your customers to your store and build new visitor sources.
  • Easy to use and quick to market: Building your online store from scratch sure is a tiring job. But with a multipurpose Shopify theme, only a few clicks and your online store is now ready to be on boarding!

Start making your first step by customizing your Shopify store: Shopify Custom Design: Things Every Merchant Needs To Know

Budget-Friendly Premium Theme
Blum equips your store with premium features like blazing-fast speed and mobile-first design, all at an affordable price.

II. 8 Best Shopify Fashion Themes For Clothing Stores

A critical step for the success of a fashion store is choosing the best Free Shopify theme. You have come to the correct place if you are seeking the ideal Shopify template for your eCommerce website.

In this article, you will find a list of highly customizable Shopify themes that are not only perfect for your fashion store but also are multipurpose Shopify themes that will also create a simple shopping experience for customers so they can find the desired products more quickly.

Stick around to the end to find out about all the features and the pros and cons of each theme and then decide on the ideal piece for your online clothing store.

Let's get started, shall we?

1. Blum

Blum Celia Theme Home page

Blum is the niche focused theme for fashion, health and beauty businesses. This is explained by their richness in image display options, which is a crucial factor in converting sales for respective industries.

The special thing that makes Blum stand out is that it was firstly built from mobile screen, so that it can make sure mobile shoppers have the best experience.

And Blum is having a chance to become one of the best theme on Shopify Theme Store, because of its unrivaled page speed. All pages of Blum, as tested with Google PageSpeed for mobile devices, got scores of more than 80/100

Just like any theme on Shopify Themes Store, you can spend as much time building your store using Blum as you want and only have to pay once you hit Publish.

There are 4 styles to choose from Blum theme: Solie, Mondo, Celia and Crafts.

Price: $170


  • Smooth and stunning story telling layout
  • Design for promotions: customizable pop-ups, featured product carousel, etc
  • Responsive for mobile devices
  • Unrivaled page speed
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Fully compatible Online Store 2.0 features


  • Many customization features can make users overwhelmed.
  • Priced higher than other themes on ThemeForest but if you want to choose a theme that meets rigorous Shopify theme standards, offers reliable support and lifetime updates, Blum is a good choice.

=> Get started with Blum

or read a detailed review - Blum Shopify Theme Review: Should You Purchase This Theme for Your Fashion Brand Store?

2. Shella

shella theme

If you want a clothing theme that loads quickly, check out the Shella theme, which claims to be the fastest-loading multipurpose Shopify theme. The collection pages of this theme include an infinite scroll and a beautiful, contemporary style. You may hide options on product listings to make them seem less cluttered, which is another noteworthy feature.

You will have no trouble customizing your store and getting it to look exactly how you want thanks to Shella's 65+ predesigned pages and a bevy of customization possibilities.

The theme allows you to showcase your products by including them in a lovely gallery, which significantly enhances the allure of your online shop. Since Oberlo is compatible with Shella, you can quickly import products from other marketplaces if you are into dropshipping.

Price: $59


  • SEO optimized, Mobile optimized, responsive and multipurpose design
  • Built-in theme translations: German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese
  • Different types of content blocks like Revolution slider, Instagram, promo box, products, etc.,
  • AJAX-powered pagination and “Load More” button
  • A size guide popup for your customers to choose their fashion outfits based on their perfect body size.
  • A shipping progress bar, which is easy for your customers to keep track of their purchases
  • The slide-out cart helps users easily do shopping.


  • The support team isn't always helpful as English is not their first language. You may have to rely on previous support tickets or research if you experience some problems.

>Get started with Shella

3. Ella

ella themeELLA is an all-in-one Shopify template with many layouts and built-in styles that enable you to create various structures and fulfill any particular requirements in addition to offering you a wide range of Child Themes for different business types.

Thanks to the fantastic banner & product blocks on 22+ Homepage and Skin layouts, 09+ attractive Shop pages, 12+ Layout Options Product pages, and Multiple Header Layouts + Footers, this best-selling Shopify theme puts your products in the spotlight and helps boost your sales.

Additionally, visitors using mobile devices can have a seamless shopping experience with Ella thanks to its outstanding UI/UX and mobile-optimized layout.

Price: $89


  • Mega Menu also looks good on portable devices, which is often not the case with eCommerce themes
  • AJAX-layered navigation and “add-to-cart” button that quickly bring customers to the desired products
  • Various layout options, including 08 different Mega Menu layouts
  • 3D models and media videos on your store
  • Gorgeous and free child themes using Bulk Editor
  • “Ask an expert” popup that allows customers to interact with professionals
  • Quick payment process with multiple currencies based on customer location


  • Slow customer support
  • Extra charges to include additional currencies to the theme or to send customers directly to checkout and payment.
  • Some payment methods like Amazon Pay are not supported.

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4. Yanka

yanka theme

Building an online store from scratch has never been easier with this modern and great Shopify theme! Yanka requires no coding skills, and there are multiple blocks and page options for you to choose from.

Yanka is no doubt one of the best Shopify themes. It comes with many core features that reduce the cost of buying additional apps. And did we mention that Yanka is also SEO-friendly?

Price: $48


  • 18+ available skins/layouts
  • 9 product page variants and 25 collection page variants
  • AJAX techniques (get filtered products and search results without reloading the page)
  • SEO optimized, Google Rich Snippet tool to get high rankings
  • Instagram shop: a trending feature that allows you to integrate your store with social networks
  • Social sharing for customers to boost visibility
  • Multiple languages and currencies


  • You have to buy the theme for each use or pay 1000$ for unlimited use.

>Get started with Yanka

Budget-Friendly Premium Theme
Blum equips your store with premium features like blazing-fast speed and mobile-first design, all at an affordable price.

5. StyleShop

styleshop theme

StyleShop is a powerful, responsive Shopify theme that provides a sleek design, advanced features, and a versatile visual builder to help you open a lovely clothing store on the platform.

This multi-purpose theme incorporates Google-rich snippets. It offers unlimited color schemes, which will ultimately boost your store's sales. It supports the Shopify visual builder, which aids in generating a seamless shopping experience for customers.

With this Shopify theme store, you can create as many layouts as you want. The only limit is your imagination.

Price: $59


  • Google's Rich Product Snippets for SEO
  • Different menu styles: Mobile vertical Menu, Drop-down Menu and Mega Menu
  • Ajax-powered navigation that allows searches without refreshing the page
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Various listing and shop layouts
  • Newsletter popups powered by Mailchimp support


  • Slow customer support
  • Limited customizability without coding skills

>Get started with StyleShop

6. Zeexo

zeexo themeOne of the top-rated multifunctional Shopify clothing themes is Zeexo. It was created by Shopify specialists and is incredibly responsive. This theme is always being updated so you may take advantage of the benefits of running a brilliant online clothing business.

By setting off exit-intent popups and utilizing countdown timers, it helps in increasing sales. It supports all of Shopify's native language apps, which is great for boosting visitors from other countries.

Price: $59


  • 108 professionally designed prebuilt store demos that you can import with just a few clicks
  • Auto height options allow you to automatically adjust your product images such that it fits into a suitable ratio.
  • Product Intent Exit Coupon Popups – Auto Apply Coupon Code at Checkout
  • Advanced menu layouts: Mega Menu or Flyout Submenus
  • Strong focus on typography
  • Built-in AJAX search
  • Integration with other platforms such as Orbelo, Shopify's Product Wishlist & Compare and Arena Installation to empower business growth


  • Refunds are not supported

>Get started with Zeexo

7. Wokiee

wokiee theme

This multi-purpose premium Shopify theme is the perfect solution for your current or future fashion and clothing stores.

The developer promises to provide one new skin each week, and the theme already comes with 86 stunning homepage designs. Either a single-product-focused or a multi-product store can be built.

Wokiee also offers a variety of shop and product page layout alternatives. Additionally, you have access to 99+ content blocks if you need to modify the material any further.

Wokiee allows you to save money because you don't need to buy individual plugins to add particular functionality to your website. For instance, there are already built-in features like a mega menu, wishlist, or related products.

Price: $69


  • 86+ available homepage skins/layouts using different colors and content blocks
  • 3D models, VR and embedded Youtube videos
  • AJAX-powered search, filter and “Load More” button that allows customers the opportunity to get fast and sensitive searches and view products without reloading
  • SEO optimized, built-in Google Rich snippet tool and Checked by MOZ SEO tool to help you get good rankings without installing any other apps
  • It is GDPR-compliant and is easy to import your products from Oberlo and other platforms.
  • Impressive Mega Menu, ability to display your Instagram feed, custom wishlist, sale notifications, and more.


  • Changing code on another domain is not available

>Get started with Wokiee

8. Lezada


Another fashion Shopify theme to think about is Lezada. It has a ton of demos you can install to quickly get up and running. It is genuinely multifunctional and can be used for any form of eCommerce site you can think of.

There are 220 distinct home page variants readymade, so you'll never run out of options. Additionally, it includes 40 various drag-and-drop sections, 10 different header variations, and 6 different footer variations in addition to the 11 different Revolution Slider layouts. Combine styles; mix and match; and have fun.

A Discuss Comment section, wishlist functionality, social network connection, and more are also included. Although Lezada comes with a number of fashion-inspired samples that you can install, you can really utilize this theme to build any Shopify site you want.

Price: $79


  • 7+ Shop layouts and coming soon pages for announcing product launches, new offers, etc.
  • Highly responsive Mega Menu / Sidebar Menu and ‘Deal of the day' counter to boost product sales.
  • It is completely optimized for receiving high search traffic and offers AJAX-based wishlists, Popup cart and Spinner Cart
  • Fully responsive, mobile optimized and multi-languages supported
  • Breadcrumb banners and contact maps for location reference to facilitate instant navigation


  • Pages are laggy
  • You need constant updates to fix minor technical problems

>Get Started with Lezada

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III. 3 Shopify Clothing Brands Using These Themes

1. Nine Space (Ella)

nine space

Nine Space is a minority women-owned brand, it was made to share a vision of filling each space of your domestic with a sense of excellence, cherish, and completeness through 3 basic approaches: Quality First, Attentive Design and Affordability.

Their products mainly are about home decorating, bathrobes, loungewear and sleepwear with modern and luxury designs. As their basic approach is attentive design and diverse products, Ella is a perfect theme with suitable features and a modern theme that can be used for those reasons.

2. Bydee (Lezada)


Founded in 2013 by Dessy Hairis, Bydee is a brand that specializes in women's summer swimwear and accessories. They focus on products known for their attention to detail and feminine touches and elegant design, the styles are driven by a love of travel, inspired by the feminine form and designed with comfort in mind.

Lezada Shopify Theme with a chic and modern design is suitable for the image of the shop and helps them highlight their products.

3. Newtone (Wokiee) 


Newtone is a vintage clothing store influenced by American thrift stores, road movies and 70s rock music. They handcraft their products with specific dyes and treatments to give an aged feel and their designs can be worn casually.

They use Wokiee Shopify Theme to customize their website based on their products. This helps their online store display all the collections and menus on the category page in order to attract their customers in the first impression.

Besides these 3 example stores above, each theme also has its demo websites for those who want to decorate apparel stores but don't know where to start. Those demo websites are like an official store with all of the features provided to help visitors get inspiration for their own store and imagine the big picture of how their store is going to be like using their themes. Take a quick look through their demo websites here:

  1. Blum
  2. Shella
  3. Ella
  4. Yanka
  5. StyleShop
  6. Zeexo
  7. Wokiee
  8. Lezada

You're welcome to delve into the top 10 Shopify themes for clothing rated by fellow Shopify merchants.

    IV. Final Words

    As more entrepreneurs venture into the fashion industry, the landscape of e-commerce is evolving rapidly. This trend has intensified competition among online stores. If your store lacks distinctive features or fails to captivate customers, it risks falling behind in this dynamic market. The fashion and clothing sector, in particular, is unforgiving. Continuous innovation and staying abreast of the latest trends are crucial to avoid being overshadowed.

    Remember, every success begins with a modest investment. While premium fashion Shopify themes may require some expenditure, their benefits far outweigh the limitations of cheaper or free alternatives. By upgrading your Shopify store, you lay a robust and profitable foundation for your e-commerce venture. Be bold in taking risks to ensure your efforts are fruitful.

    Having read this far, you likely grasp the importance of selecting an apt theme for your online store. We trust this article has provided the necessary insights to assist you in choosing the ideal theme for your clothing business. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to sharing more insights in our upcoming posts!

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